Rosenberg lab at Stanford University

distruct example

The figure shows a distruct plot for a run of structure using 600 chickens from 20 breeds. Each chicken is represented by a vertical line, which is partitioned into 19 colors that represent its estimated membership fractions in K=19 clusters. Labels above the plot provide breed names; labels below the plot are breed code numbers. Black vertical lines separate the chickens of different breeds.

With the exception of the two brown-egg layer breeds (#44 and #45), each breed essentially occupies its own cluster. Some chickens from breeds #5, #16, and #102 do not cluster genetically with the other individuals of their respective breeds. The plot is based on the run of highest estimated probability among 100 runs discussed in Table 2 of Genetics 159: 699-713 (2001).

A different plot using the same data is shown in Figure 1 of Molecular Ecology Notes 1: 137-138 (2004).