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N Creanza, M Ruhlen, T Pemberton, NA Rosenberg, MW Feldman, S Ramachandran (2015) Comparison of worldwide phonemic and genetic variation in human populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112: 1265-1272.
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TJ Pemberton, D Absher, MW Feldman, RM Myers, NA Rosenberg, JZ Li (2012) Genomic patterns of homozygosity in worldwide human populations. American Journal of Human Genetics 91: 275-292.
[Stanford Report]

S Ramachandran, NA Rosenberg (2011) A test of the influence of continental axes of orientation on patterns of human gene flow. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 146: 515-529.
[American Archaeology]
[Brown Daily Herald]
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[Scientific American]

TJ Pemberton, C Wang, JZ Li, NA Rosenberg (2010) Inference of unexpected genetic relatedness among individuals in HapMap Phase III. American Journal of Human Genetics 87: 457-464.
[Genome Technology]

JT Mosher, TJ Pemberton, K Harter, C Wang, EO Buzbas, P Dvorak, C Simon, SJ Morrison, NA Rosenberg (2010) Lack of population diversity in commonly used human embryonic stem-cell lines. New England Journal of Medicine 362: 183-185.
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KB Schroeder, M Jakobsson, MH Crawford, TG Schurr, SM Boca, DF Conrad, RY Tito, LP Osipova, LA Tarskaia, SI Zhadanov, JD Wall, JK Pritchard, RS Malhi, DG Smith, NA Rosenberg (2009) Haplotypic background of a private allele at high frequency in the Americas. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26: 995-1016.
[UC Davis]

O François, MGB Blum, M Jakobsson, NA Rosenberg (2008) Demographic history of European populations of Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics 4: e1000075.
[Faculty of 1000]

M Jakobsson*, SW Scholz*, P Scheet*, JR Gibbs, JM VanLiere, H-C Fung, ZA Szpiech, JH Degnan, K Wang, R Guerreiro, JM Bras, JC Schymick, DG Hernandez, BJ Traynor, J Simon-Sanchez, M Matarin, A Britton, J van de Leemput, I Rafferty, M Bucan, HM Cann, JA Hardy, NA Rosenberg, AB Singleton (2008) Genotype, haplotype and copy-number variation in worldwide human populations. Nature 451: 998-1003.
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S Wang*, CM Lewis Jr*, M Jakobsson*, S Ramachandran, N Ray, G Bedoya, W Rojas, MV Parra, JA Molina, C Gallo, G Mazzotti, G Poletti, K Hill, AM Hurtado, D Labuda, W Klitz, R Barrantes, MC Bortolini, FM Salzano, ML Petzl-Erler, LT Tsuneto, E Llop, F Rothhammer, L Excoffier, MW Feldman, NA Rosenberg, A Ruiz-Linares (2007) Genetic variation and population structure in Native Americans. PLoS Genetics 3: 2049-2067.
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KB Schroeder, TG Schurr, JC Long, NA Rosenberg, MH Crawford, LA Tarskaia, LP Osipova, SI Zhadanov, DG Smith (2007). A private allele ubiquitous in the Americas. Biology Letters 3: 218-223.
[Mammoth Trumpet]
[New Scientist]

NA Rosenberg, S Mahajan, C Gonzalez-Quevedo, MGB Blum, L Nino-Rosales, V Ninis, P Das, M Hegde, L Molinari, G Zapata, JL Weber, JW Belmont, PI Patel (2006) Low levels of genetic divergence across geographically and linguistically diverse populations from India. PLoS Genetics 2: 2052-2061.
[Hindustan Times]

S Ramachandran, O Deshpande, CC Roseman, NA Rosenberg, MW Feldman, LL Cavalli-Sforza (2005) Support from the relationship of genetic and geographic distance in human populations for a serial founder effect originating in Africa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 102: 15942-15947.
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[Faculty of 1000]

LA Zhivotovsky, NA Rosenberg, MW Feldman (2003) Features of evolution and expansion of modern humans, inferred from genomewide microsatellite markers. American Journal of Human Genetics 72: 1171-1186.
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[Los Angeles Times]

NA Rosenberg, JK Pritchard, JL Weber, HM Cann, KK Kidd, LA Zhivotovsky, MW Feldman (2002) Genetic structure of human populations. Science 298: 2381-2385.
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