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Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Projects


Accelerometry for balance assessment

Ralph: fingerspelling hand

Ultrasonic head control interface


Patent Applications

drawing of Tiltcycle
photo of fingerspelling hand

Learn more about the philosophy and process we employed from 1988 to 1994 to create a Technology Transfer Section, to bring products to market, and to disseminate information. We have documented our experiences in the Technology Transfer Guidelines and a conference presentation.

In their January 1989 report, Facilitating the Transfer of Rehabilitation Technology, the American Institutes of Research identified strategies by which the technology transfer process could be accomplished more easily.

For information on how the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development manages Technology Transfer, visit the Technology Transfer Program's homepage.

Manufacturers may wish to surf some technology transfer websites, see a list of our commercialized products, or review the projects that are available for technology transfer:

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