Romanian Student Association

About Us

2011-2012 Officers

President:Adrian Albert (adalbert at
Vice-President:Diana Negoescu (negoescu at

2010-2011 Officers

President:Sabina Alistar (ssabina at
Vice-President:Adrian Albert (adalbert at

2009-2010 Officers

President:Stoica Cristinel Popa (spopa at
Vice-President:Sabina Alistar (ssabina at

2008-2009 Officers

President:Cezar Petriuc
Vice-Presidents:Sabina Alistar
Anda Gansca
Andrei Faraon (faraon at stanford edu)

2007-2008 Officers

President:Bobby Georgescu
Vice-Presidents:Andrei Faraon
Anca Vacarescu
Cezar Petriuc

2006-2007 Officers

President:Andrei Faraon
Vice-Presidents:Anca Vacarescu
Silviu Livescu
Alex Ene (alexander.ene at gmail com)

2005-2006 Officers

President: Florin Ratiu
Vice-Presidents: Victor Andrei
Treasurer: Ina Gliga
Webmaster: Cristian Cadar

2004-2005 Officers

President: Mihaela Enachescu
Vice-Presidents: Florin Niculescu, Manuel Zamfir
Treasurer: Alexandru Ene

2003-2004 Officers

President: Ioan Vlad
Vice-President: Mihaela Enachescu
Treasurer: Alexandru Ene
Secretary: Manuel Zamfir

2001-2002 Officers

President: Liviu Mirica
Vice-Presidents: Catalin Stoica
Treasurer: Dan Costinescu

Public directory

Current and former Stanford Romanians who opted to have their contact info posted here.


1. RSA is an ethnically-based club at Stanford, which welcomes anyone interested in the Romanian culture. The purpose of the club is to advertise Romania and its culture in the Stanford community, and to guarantee a small community for Romanian students at Stanford, maintaining strong connections with the Romanians in the Bay Area.

2. Membership is open to all Stanford students, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and their spouses. New members may join at the beginning of every quarter, their membership extending through the academic year in which they join.

3 A. The Board of Directors consists of three (3) members ("officers") and is responsible for planning the budget and coordinating activities. All officers must be currently registered Stanford students enrolled in a degree-granting program.

3 B. A general elections meeting will be held during the spring quarter to elect the officers of the following academic year. If more than 25% of the membership request the removal of an officer, a special vote casting meeting will be performed.

3 C. The length of term of each officer is one year.

4. If RSA is dissolved, the uncommitted funds and property shall be designated to the Bechtel International Center.

5. If more than 25% of the membership requests and amendment to the constitution, a special vote-casting meeting will be performed.

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