Romanian Student Association

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Yeda Plus RomAid offers free preparatory assistance, and the Romanian Education Foundation offers financial and informational assistance for admission for Romanians willing to apply to Stanford! All you need is you IQ, knowledge of English, your willingness to work hard, your good college grades and some interesting life/work experiences to provide for an attractive resume (CV)! You can find more info on admission to Stanford on the University Admissions site or on the web pages of the departments which you are interested in.

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We welcome Romanians who are or have been affiliated with Stanford in any way, and people with demonstrable interests in RSA activities (i.e. live in the Bay Area and come to RSA's parties; etc). Most of the list's discussions are in Romanian, but posts in English are common, especially in the form of forwarded event announcements. To join our mailing list, subscribe to following the instructions below, then send the list an e-mail in which you shortly describe yourself. If you have a webpage, add a link from it to the RSA website. If you are or have been affiliated with Stanford you can ask the webmaster to add your info to the RSA Directory.

List subscription is Open (any address may request subscription). The list itself will be Private (as opposed to Public, which displays the mailing list name to anyone who queries the listserver for addresses) in an effort to shield it from inappropriate advertising messages, etc.

Spam robots and usual malware can however capture email addresses of members and use them to fake headers in messages to the list. To know that the message has been sent by a human, please prepend by hand a "RSA:" at the beginning of your email's subject line.

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