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Stanford-specific info

Because the number of scholarships is proportional to the contribution of the local Rotary club to the scholarship fund, Stanford students applying through the Palo Alto/University Rotary Club stand a good chance of getting such a scholarship. Because scholarships are in other countries than the US, and the scholar has to read and write the language of the country, but must not have spent more than six months in the respective country, the scholarships are ideal for Americans of Romanian descent who want to get in touch with their Romanian roots.

From a Romanian Rotary Scholar

Gratiana Pol, Rotary Scholar in 2004 in San Francisco, was kind enough to share with us her experience:

Pentru a intra in procesul de selectie pentru o bursa Rotary (Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship), fiecare candidat trebuie sa fie nominalizat de catre un club Rotary. Candidatii propusi nu pot fi membrii ai unui club Rotary sau rude ale unui membru Rotary. Bursele Rotary se acorda pentru unul sau doi ani si pot atinge suma maxima de $25,000 pentru intreaga perioada a studiului. Bursele impun urmatoarele obligatii:

Bursele Rotary nu impun alte obligatii. Studentii care intra in posesia unei astfel de burse trebuie insa sa tina cont de faptul ca sunt responsabili de toate detaliile organizatorice legate de sederea in strainatate (obtinerea unei vize, inmatricularea la facultate, inchirierea unei locuinte, obtinerea unei asigurari medicale etc.).

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