Rural West Conference, April 2014

Rethinking the Rural-Urban Divide
In the Modern West

An Interdisciplinary Conference
April 4 & 5, 2014
Stanford University


For nearly two centuries, the rural-urban divide has served as one of the great dichotomies in both the conceptual and organizational structuring of the United States; and perhaps in no region more than the American West. This conference seeks to complicate such characterizations in the modern West and explore the increasingly porous nature of the rural-urban divide in the late-twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  Moreover, the event promises to offer an important intellectual bridge between urban and rural scholars within the West, aiming to advance an interdisciplinary discussion on the inter-connected relationship between the region’s cities and its countryside.

Interested attendees must register online to observe the conference.

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Friday, April 4

Friday's Location: Paul Brest Hall West, 555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford University (Map)

12:00 – Lunch

12:45 – Opening Remarks

1:00 –    Panel 1: Agriculture’s New Landscapes: From Rural Fields to Urban Gardens

·      Andrew Robichaud [Stanford, GS]

·      Julie Guthman [UC Santa Cruz]

·      Ann Thrupp [Director, UC Berkeley Food Institute]

·      J. Arbuckle [Iowa State]

                 Moderator: Patrick Archie


2:30 –    Coffee Break

3:00 –    Panel 2: Economies in the Countryside

    ·      Jonathan Simon [UC Berkeley]

·      Bryan Holmes [Assoc. Warden, California State Prison, Mule Creek]

·      Mike Koewler [Owner, Sacramento Rendering Company]

·      Michael Kahan [Stanford]

        Moderator: John McChesney

5:00 –    Speaker Dinner


Saturday, April 5

Saturday's Location: Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, 291 Campus Drive West, Stanford Medical School (Map)

8:30 –    Breakfast

9:00 –    Panel 3: Labor Regimes and the Shifting Politics of Immigration

   ·      Kathy Olmstead [UC Davis]

·      Kelly Richter [Stanford, GS]

·      Matt Garcia [Arizona State]

         Moderator: Mario Sifuentez

11:00 – Panel 4: Politics and the Changing Demographic Tide

   ·      Iris Hui [Stanford]

·      Arjun Wilkins [Stanford, GS]

·      Gary Segura [Stanford]

         Moderator: Bruce Cain

12:30 – Lunch

1:30 –    Panel 5: Problems of Fluidity: Water in the Modern West

   ·      Burke Griggs [Stanford; University of Kansas]

·      Brad Udall [University of Colorado]

·      Ellen Hanak [PPIC]

        Moderator: Leon Szeptycki

3:30 –    Panel 6: Booms and Busts: Housing in the Golden State

   ·      Hugo Lefebvre [Stanford]

·      Destin Jenkins [Stanford, GS]

·      Larry Rosenthal [UC Berkeley]

        Moderator: Fred Stout

5:00 –    Concluding Thoughts


Interested attendees must register online for the conference

For Questions, please contact Todd Holmes

Todd Holmes (Organizer and Postdoctoral Scholar, Bill Lane Center for the American West)