Tracing Movement in the Asian Pacific Diaspora Kick-off

Date: February 5th, 6PM-7PM
Location: A3C Ballroom

In our now long-term project, Tracing Movement in the Asian Pacific Diaspora, SAAAC aims to collect the oft-ignored narratives of migration and movement across borders within the API community, first within and then beyond the Stanford community.

Future project location:

Facing the Shadows: Mental Health and the API Community

Date: Throughout May! Check description for individual event dates

Come join SAAAC as we host a series of events during the month of May to encourage dialouge on mental health issues. Food will be provided!
For more information on the Facing the Shadow (FTS) series, such as the mission statement and individual event descriptions, please visit the FTS section of our website or our Facebook event.

In order to ensure that we have enough food and space, RSVPs are required to attend Facing the Shadows events. Click HERE to RSVP
The events are as follows:

  • FTS: Mental Health and the API Community Kick-Off!
    Fri 5/3 @ 3PM, A3C Couchroom
  • Through the Looking Glass: Body Image Perceptions and Issues in the API Community
    Wed 5/8 @ 6 PM, A3C Couchroom
  • Aftershock: Trauma and the Immigrant Experience
    Thurs 5/16 @ 6PM, WCC
  • Confront the Invisible: An Assessment of Stanford Resources
    Mon 5/20 @ 5 PM, A3C Couchroom
  • FTS: Mental Health and the API Community Closing
    Thurs 5/30 @ 6:30 PM, A3C Couchroom

We hope to see you there!

Event: Listen to the Silence Conference

Date: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013

Check out the website!
SAAAC will be hosting a workshop on Affirmative Action and conducting the Activist Tour at this year's LTS!

Activist Tour Description

The Stanford Activist Tour aims to demonstrate the complicated history of Stanford students' struggle for social justice on- and off-campus, including year-long campaigns for community centers, services and resources for minority groups. An alternative to the official campus tour, the Activist Tour will provide a space to learn from the struggles of previous and current generations of activists, and to confront the injustices, controversies, and community victories in Stanford's past and present. Furthermore, it will provide a channel to take action and identify key resources and actors that allow students to hold the university accountable to its mission for social good. Check back for details on when and where our workshop will take place!

Affirmative Action Workshop Description

Most of the API community is not concerned with the issue of affirmative action because the group would be successful anyway; therefore most of American society downplays the role of Asian Americans in the issue. But what's the reality? Part of it: the above perception is a perpetuation and result of the model minority myth, consequently ignoring the diversity in both ethnicity and issues that the API community faces, and in which Affirmative Action can become a key player in advocating for class disparity and underrepresented groups within the community. So why is such an important issue left out of most mainstream conversations in media? And how does this issue affect communities beyond the Asian-American diaspora? Join SAAAC's workshop and lend your opinions and ears to our conversation!