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Yu-hung Li, "Development of Embeddable Piezoelectric Sensor Networks for High-Temperature Composites ".


Surajit Roy, "Structural Damage Detection Using Ultrasonic Guided-Waves Under Varying Ambient Temperature and Loading Environments"


Kuldeep Lonkar, "Modelling of Piezo-induced Ultrasonic Waves for Structural Health Monitoring".

Cecilia Larrosa, "A Robust Structural Health Monitoring Technique for Airframe Structures".


Nathan Salowitz, "Integration and Deployment of Thick Film Piezoelectric Actuators/Sensors on Organic Stretchable Substrates".


Nageswara Rao Janapala, "Crash Energy Absorption of Kevlar Fabric Composite Structures".


Sungwon Ha, "Modeling Lamb Wave Propagation Induved by Adhesively Bonded PZTs on Thin Plates".

Alexi Rakow, "A Structural Health Monitoring Fastener for Tracking Fatigue Crack Growth in Bolted Metallic Joints".


Johannes Markmiller, "Quantification and Optimization of a Structural Health Monitoring Sytstem for Impact Detection in Composite Structures".


Nathan D. Flesher, "Crach Energy Absorption of Braided Composite Tubes".

Andrew C. Kim, "A Rapid Method for Identifying and Characterizing Structural Impacts Using Distributed Sensors: An Application for Automotive Pedestrian Protection".

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Hian-Leng Chan, "Detection of Bond Deterioration in Reinforced Concere Using Active Sensing Technique".

Jonghyun Park, "Impact Identification in Structures Using a Sensor Network: The System Identification Approach".

Jinkyu Yang, "Structural Health Monitoring Technology for Bolted Carbon-carbon Thermal Protection Panels".

Cole K. Corbin, "Burst Failure Prediction of Composite Flywheel Rotors: A Progressive Damage Approach via Stiffness Degradation".


Eric Blaise, "Built-in Diagnostics for Sandwich Structures under Extreme Temperatures".

Roberto Dugnani, "Impedence-based Diagnostic System for in vivo Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization".


Sarah M. Brennan, "Modeling the Mechanical Characteristics and On-Snow Performance of Snowboards".

Taehan Kim, "Design of Composite Flywheel Rotors with Soft Cores".

Jeong-Beom Ihn, "Built-in Diagnostics for Monitoring Fatigue Crack Growth in Aircraft Structures".

Hansong Huang, "Composite Materials Failure Prediction Using Dissipated Energy Method".


Fan Wu, "A Built-in Active Sensing Diagnostic System for Reinforced Concrete Structures".

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Akira Kuraishi, "Durability Analysis of Composite Structures Using the Accelerated Testing Methodology".

Michael Thomas Hicks, "Design of a Carbon Fiber Composite Grid Structure for the Glast Spacecraft".

Calvin S. Wang, "Built-in Diagnostics for Impact Damage Identification in Composite Structure".

Shawn J. Beard, "Energy Absorption of Braided Composite Tubes".

Dongyup Han, "Design and Manufacturing of Interlocked Composite Grids".


Alessandro Zago, "Life Prediction of Short Fiber Composites".

Walter J. Stevens, "A Stent-Graft for Aortic Aneurysms".

Robert E. Seydel, "Impact Identification of Stiffened Composite Panels".


Cheng-Huat Ong, "Composite Wind Turbine Blades".

Alison A. Nordt, "Design of Alpine Skis".

Mark Lin, "Composite Structures with Built-in Piezoceramics".


John Jai, "Reinforcing Masonry Walls with Composite Materials".

Steven W. Kirkpatrick, "Damage and Failure of Metal Matrix Composites".

Beomkeun Kim, "Core Material Types for Sandwich Structures".

Youn-Seo Roh, "Built-in Diagnostics for Identifying an Anomaly in a Plate".

Cheng P. Tan, "Simulation of 3-D Resin Transfer Molding".

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Carlos A. Cimini, Jr., "Effect of Ply Waviness on the In-plane Stiffness of Laminates".

Hsien-Tang Sun, "Strength of Composite Double Lap Bolted Joints".

Khanh V. Trinh, "In-plane Tension Failure of Composite Shells".

Sung-Hoon Ahn, "Repair of Composite Laminates".

Sangwook Sihn, "Failure of Bonded Joints".


Toru Itoh, "Strain Measurement with Microsensors".

Philippe M. Manne, "Design Optimization of Composite Plates".

Michael Tracy, "Identifying Impacts in Composite Plates with Piezoelectric Sensor".

Tracy B. Colwell, "Manufacture and Application of Composites Grid Structures".

Patrick S. Johnson, "Damage Accumulation and Failure in Laminated Composites".

Youssef M. Ismail, "Interactive Simulation of Resin Transfer Molding".

Andrew S. Fine, "Design of Composite Laminates for Strength, Weight, and Manufacturability".


Deborah J. Kelsey, "Composite Implant for Bone Replacement".

Steven M. Huybrechts, "Analysis and Behavior of Grid Structures".

Nobuyuki Tsuji, "The Drapability of Alighned Discontinuous Fiber Composites".

Kuo-Shih Liu, "Model for an In-situ Consolidation of Thermoplastic Composites".

Seng-Guan Lee, "Impact Damage Resistance of Laminated Composites with Interleaves".

Regis J. van Steenkiste, "Theory of Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Sensors".


Hong-Ji Chen, "Analysis and Optimum Design of Composite Grid Structures".

Hugo Sarrazin, "Thermochemical and Mechanical Aspects of Composite Tape Laying".

Jeffrey A. Kurland, "Strength Optimization of Laminated Composite Structures".

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Chang-Li Hung, "Response of Mechanically Fastened Composite Joints".

Keeyoung Choi, "An Impact Load Identification Method Using Distributed Sensors".

Hasan Yildiz, "Composites Hip Prosthesis Design".

Charles H. Keilers, Jr., "Damage Identification in Composites".

Steven L. Donaldson, "Monitoring Structural Integrity".

Christian U. Dahlen, "Delamination Growth in Composites".

Iqbal Shahid, "Progressive Failure of Laminated Composites".

David B. Koconis, "Shape Control of Composite Plates and Shells".


Kisoo Kim, "Fabry-Perot Temperature and Strain Sensors".

Levent Karaoglan, "Axial Impact of Composites".

Jocelyn M. Patterson, "Composite Cylinders under Hygrothermal and Mechanical Loads".

Sheng Liu, "Damage Mechanics of Cross-ply Laminates".

Chin Fang, "Design of Composite Laminates by a Monte Carlo Method".

José L. Pérez, "Progressive Failure in Cross-ply Composite Laminates".


Susan C. Mantell, "Manufacturing Process Models for Thermoplastic Matrix Composites".

Zafer S. Kutlu, "Compression Response of Laminated Composites Containing Multiple Delaminations".

Scott R. Finn, "Delaminations in Composites under Static or Impact Loads".


Hyun Yun Choi, "Effect of Low Velocity Impact of Laminated Composites".

Hugh L.N. McManus, "High Temperature Thermomechanical Behavior of Composites".

Peter R. Ciriscioli, "An Expert System for Autoclave Curing of Composites".

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Scott O. Peck, "Compression Behavior of Delaminated Composite Plates".

Ehoud Graff, "Mechanical Behavior of Thick, Curved Laminated Composites".

Larry B. Lessard, "Compression Failure in Laminated Composites Containing an Open Hole".

Soo-Yong Lee, "Filament Winding Process Model".

Emilio P. Calius, "Filament Winding of Composite Cylinders".


Sung-Kyu Ha, "Mechanical Behavior of Laminated Composites at Elevated Temperatures".

Andrew S. Bicos, "Free Damped Vibration of Composite Plates and Shells".

Kawrence E. Doxsee, Jr., "Hygrothermal Deformations of Laminated Composite Shells".


Hsi-Yung T. Wu, "Impact Damage of Composites".

Michael C. McGary, "Separation of Airborne and Structureborne Noise".

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