Meet the Core

Sruthi Raguveer


Hailing from Boulder, CO
Studying Bioengineering

My favorite moment on Core this year was during Maggi Movie Night when everyone was heckling the very problematic movie. The comments were much more creative than the movie!

Raj Raina


Hailing from Novi, Michigan
Studying Mathematics

Watching funny videos/memes during core meetings!

Neel Guha


Hailing from Los Altos, CA
Studying Computer Science

Forcing the entire South Asian community to listen to my awful puns while emceeing Mela as a freshman (I'm so, so sorry).

Hemangini Raina

Core Member

Hailing from Muscat, Oman/Toronto, Canada/Manama, Bahrain/Dubai, UAE
Studying MS&E, minor in South Asian Studies

I loved our fall retreat! Listening to Bollywood music while eating Indian food on a beach in Half Moon Bay, and getting to know core members was wonderful.

Leela Srinivasan

Core Member

Hailing from Fair Haven, NJ
Studying Cultural Psychology, minor in Poetry

When we sat on a cliff by the beach for retreat, drank Capri Suns, and compared each other to vegetables. What a time to be alive

Nathan Dalal

Core Member

Hailing from Fremont, CA
Studying Computer Science (minor Education)

I really enjoy the festivities at Rhythms, Mela, and the Bollywood Party we throw every now and again on the row!

Sonia Gupta

Core Member

Hailing from Atlanta, GA
Studying Economics

Sanskriti Core is a community I feel at home in. I am thankful for everyone on Core and for all the memories we have shared. My favorite memory is of all of us dancing to Bollywood music and eating samosas at Mars during Samosas and Mimosas!

Megha Parwani

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Singapore
Studying Undecided

Sanskriti Core is where I've met and gotten to know some of my closest friends at Stanford! I really value our community and its shared love of South Asian culture. My best memory was a kickback at ZAP where talking to fellow frosh interns was a bright spot during a tough day.


Core Member

Hailing from Bellevue, WA
Studying Product Design, hopefully

Maggi Movie Night was a heckuva lot of fun--it was just a great night of heckling the screen and enjoying each other's company. Can't wait for the next one!

Sushil Upadhyayula

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Chicago, IL
Studying Computer Science

Without a doubt the Bollywood Party at MARS. Everyone told me how much fun they had afterwards, and it was great to see CORE put something together that was so enjoyable for all of campus!

Neha Srivathsa

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Bangalore, India
Studying Bioengineering

My favourite moment on Sanskriti Core was my first moment on Core, when all of us frosh interns were rolled out! The experience of being woken up at 6 am—to loud banging on my door and Bollywood music—by the rest of Core and then getting to know this wonderful community over breakfast on Wilbur field had such a special energy to it that I’ll never forget!

Meghana Reddy

Frosh Intern

Hailing from San Diego, CA
Studying Human Biology and Economics

I enjoyed rolling out to Bollywood music and meeting everyone on core.

Mallika Jhamb

Frosh Intern

Hailing from London, United Kingdom
Studying Management, Science and Engineering

The funniest moment on core was definitely when I was being rolled out as I was already awake, sitting in the hallway finishing a PSET. I remember being told to go back to my room so I could be rolled out 😊 I think some of the most fun memories from being on core are definitely the conversations we have while organizing events or during kickbacks & ofcourse Bollywood Party!