Meet the Core

Shakthi Raman


Hailing from Scott Depot, WV
Studying Biology

One of my favorite memories from Core this year was during the Festival of Lights we held with JSA! It was honestly such a beautiful event, and Core (as always) was stunning. It look a lot of maneuvering (who knew putting up lights was so hard?), but Core made this event come together to be a really elegant and fun evening. I remember just looking at everyone in Core under those the glow of those string lights and feeling so warm and happy for the luck of knowing these truly amazing people. :)

Maya Acharya

Academic Co-chair

Hailing from Los Altos, CA
Studying Undecided

My favorite moment on core was the first Queer & Brown open mic night last year!

Ian Hull

Graphic Design Coordinator

Hailing from Sarasota, FL
Studying Bioengineering, minor in German Studies

My favorite moment with Sanskriti was leading a filmi-fusion dance with my friend David Albán Hidalgo. Both of us had joined Dil Se without any experience in Hindi film dance, but we learned quickly and our captain encouraged us to end our freshman year on a high note by choreographing a routine for Mela, Sanskriti's spring festival. It was challenging but absolutely worth it.

Manisha Rattu

Cultural Committee Co-Chair

Hailing from Pittsburg, CA
Studying Earth Systems

Sanskriti Core is a space that I have used to learn more about my South Asian identity. I am thankful for the rad people I've met though this space who work to organize insightful events, such as Queer & Brown or teach-ins on caste. I also enjoy the Bollywood parties, since Bhangra always destroys the dance floor. <3

Perry Alagappan

Academic Chair

Hailing from Houston, TX
Studying Electrical Engineering

Helping organize Rhythms 2016! It was fantastic to work with the rest of Core to arrange a multicultural showcase filled with incredible performances (and to celebrate with Core after Rhythms!)

Nathan Dalal

Financial Officer

Hailing from Fremont, CA
Studying Computer Science, minor Education

I really enjoy the festivities at Mela and the Bollywood Party we throw every now and again on the row!

Leela Srinivasan

Core Member

Hailing from Fair Haven, NJ
Studying Cultural Psychology, minor in Poetry

When we sat on a cliff by the beach for retreat, drank Capri Suns, and compared each other to vegetables. What a time to be alive

Sruthi Raguveer

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Boulder, CO
Studying Bioengineering

One of my favorite moments with Core these past few weeks was Core Retreat. We went up to Half Moon Bay and after debating how to avoid the tide for half an hour, we relaxed on a cliff with some quality Indian food. I also played spike ball for the first time! Overall, it was great to spend time with some incredible people who I had only recently met. Sanskriti Core is special to me because it is a community of amazing South Asian people that I was scared to lose from back home. Core has been so helpful in my adjustment to college life and I am very excited to see what the rest of the year and my college experience brings!

Hemangini Raina

Core Member

Hailing from Muscat, Oman/Toronto, Canada/Manama, Bahrain/Dubai, UAE
Studying MS&E

I loved our fall retreat! Listening to Bollywood music while eating Indian food on a beach in Half Moon Bay, and getting to know core members was wonderful.

Anand Shankar

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Chicago, IL
Studying Undecided

Waking up sleepily to loud knocking on my door, groggily opening the door, and being greeted by loud and enthusiastic Core members welcoming me to Sanskriti

Ashi Agrawal


Hailing from Maryland
Studying Computer Science with a Minor in Dance

Maggie Movie Night was really special to me, since it was a chance to see folks from all backgrounds learning about and engaging in my culture!

Raj Raina

SibFam Coordinator

Hailing from Novi, MI
Studying Mathematics, Joint in Computer Science

Rolling out to Holi with core was one of the most fun and unique experiences of my time at Stanford.

Ashwin Reddy

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA
Studying Human Biology

My favorite moment on Core was Hillel Festival of Lights, full of fun, food, friendships, and lights!

Swetha Shutthanandan

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Richland, WA
Studying Human Biology

My favorite moment on core was retreat at Half Moon Bay! I realized I had finally found a really awesome community to be a part of.

Aanikh Kler

Frosh Intern

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada
Studying Management Sciences and Engineering

Samosa's and Mimosa's. First indian themed party I went to whilst being a Stanford Student. I had an awesome time surrounded by great music and even greater people; and it made me feel like I was back home.

Santosh Murugan

Sophomore Member?

Hailing from Fort Worth, TX
Studying Symbolic Systems

The joint Diwali-Hanukkah dinner, and everything Sibfam related