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Biking with a Heart


One Crazy Ride: Conversation with Moin Khan
Jan 21, Wednesday, 5-7 PM, Stanford University
A Different Agenda: Film Screening
Jan 22, Thursday, 6-8 PM, Stanford University
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About Moin Khan
Moin Khan is an inspiring human being who took an unbelievable journey on a bike, starting from the United States and ending in Lahore, Pakistan. He wanted to spread a different message about Pakistan than the ones currently amplified in the media. He used no GPS or maps, so he would get an opportunity to be lost and ask for directions, and let people know, “I am from Pakistan and I am a Muslim.” After numerous crashes and hospital stays, he made it to Lahore. Ask him about his experience, and he says, “I had no negative experiences. All I received was love from the people of the world.” After returning, Moin now trains Pakistani women to become bikers, and takes adventurous bikers from all over the world to the great Himalayan roads in Pakistan, which are a biker’s dream.
About “A Different Agenda”
This film tracks Moin Khan hosting a group of bikers from the United States as they go through some of the most amazing high-altitude roads in the world, interacting with local people and receiving their ancient generosity. For the bikers, this is a once in a lifetime adventure, and for Moin, a way to express his different agenda for Pakistan, and for himself.

About Sarvodaya
Sarvodaya means awakening of all, and points to the tremendous realization that we are all connected, and another’s pain is our pain. The only way we can grow as human beings is when we expand the notion of who we are and what is in our circle of concern.

We seek to achieve this by slowing down and focusing on the basics. We do this by coming together when an opportunity presents itself. In many respects, Sarvodaya at Stanford is a training environment for the leaders of tomorrow, helping support and nurture each other in their self-development journey.

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Sarvodaya’s Values

Sarvodaya’s intrinsic value lies in “Being the Change.” Everything we do rests on this foundational value.

We operate on the following principles:

  1. Serve Others: We serve those around us in the most authentic way possible, creating meaningful connections with the world
  2. Help Ourselves: Through these connections, selfless service brings real joy to one’s heart and an inner transformation, which is the reward. As the Dalai Lama said, “Be selfish, be generous.”
  3. Quality over Quantity: As Mother Teresa said, “You cannot do great things, only small things with great love.”
  4. Impact Assessment: The test of our success is if we are able to love more and hate less in our daily life

There are no agendas at Sarvodaya. The core operates in a servant-leadership frame – we aim to nurture and support people’s journeys and bring our best gifts to the table. Although each member of the core has designated responsibilities (i.e. finances, website, etc.), we expect core members to be flexible to step up to help each other when the need arises. Also, we do not operate through hierarchies, but rather as a team.

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Giftivism of Gandhi: A lecture by Nipun Mehta



Last week we had a fantastic and well attended talk by Nipun Mehta, who is the founder of ServiceSpace (http://www.servicespace.org), an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of volunteerism, technology and gift-economy. His philosophy in life is: “To bring smiles in the world and silence in my heart. I want to live simply, love purely, and give fearlessly.”

The talk was on the death anniversary of Gandhiji and we discussed ideas from service, compassion for all and the Gift Economy.

Unlike other talks, I knew this one was different right from the outset. We all sat around in a circle and it created a special kind of shared space where we had a wonderful and energizing discussion. Nipun shared various ideas about compassion and amplifying our inner voice of serving unconditionally – all this peppered with insightful and sometime humorous anecdotal stories from his wide experiences.

In case you missed this opportunity to hear Nipun talk, you can always watch his TED talk here and read his commencement speech here.

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