The Singaporeans at Stanford group was founded to provide opportunities for Singaporeans at Stanford to get together, chill and relax, and to provide support to Singaporeans who are far away from home.


Watch this space for information on upcoming events!


The S@S Frosh Guide is an unofficial guide to Stanford, written by current and previous Stanford Singaporean undergrads, that contains useful information on the logistics of Stanford life. Download your copy here.

The S@S Grad Students' Guide is a supplement that provides additional information for incoming grad students. Download your copy here.


Sherlene Chatterji

I'm a sophomore majoring (with high probability) in Econ and/or STS. My stomach is maximally loyal and devoted to Singapore food. My roommate and I stockpile food in case of a shutdown of our dining facilities, but you are always welcome to bring me more food. Do not hesitate to email/text me if you want to talk about life, what you think can be better in S@S or just want to chill!

Desmond Lim

Desmond is VP of Public Affairs and took on the position because he secretly harbors grand designs to being the next 'Great Communicator.' Actually, he's really trying to convince himself (and succeeding) that that Mass Communications degree wouldn't have been much fun at all and that Stanford is a much better prospect. Feel free to stop for a chat if you see him around campus, for what meaning is there in life without good conversation.

Michelle Teo

Michelle will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering and possibly look at a minor in Public Policy. She enjoys playing sport and hopes to become a fighter pilot with the Air Force after graduation. She loves good food too. So as long as she doesn't have a problem set due or a workout to do, she is very interested in hanging out with you!

Loh Lay Kuan

Lay Kuan is a Sophomore majoring in Math and an alumni of NUS High School of Math and Science. Hobbies include playing the erhu, piano, flute, and eating.

Zhang Yitao

Yitao, as can be seen from the photo, is a hardworking conservative Singaporean and your typical secretary who is highly submissive towards his superiors. He hopes to pursue a B.A. in Economics and a M.S. in Computer Science.

Sim Choon Kiat

Choon Kiat is pursuing his PhD in Genetics. Deeply inspired by the way fruit flies work, Choon Kiat has transformed from the physical universe (as a Physics major) to the biological world. He plays tennis, and has just added Victoria Azarenka's signature (the Bank of the West Classic Tennis Tournament 2010's champion) to his collection! Ice cream is his melting point, so you know what to do if you need a favor from our fruit-fly specialist.

Boon-Sim Thian

Often (dreams to be) hailed as the Emperor, Boon Sim is pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Well- versed in Chinese history and culture, Boon Sim is the perfect person to discuss Chinese traditions, and of course, all things Singaporean. If you play a game of cards with him, you will learn how charismatic he is in persuading you to change strategies. Always in for a good conversation and food!