Welcome to the Icelandic section of the SAS web page. The plan is to have some useful information here for the Icelandic community at Stanford as well as information for Icelandic prospective students. Any suggestions about material that should be added to this page are appreciated  (e-mail).

Icelandic Students at Stanford

There are usually around 10 Icelandic students here at Stanford, often with strong presence in Electrical Engineering. If we count all students, research associates, spouses and children, and other affiliates, the number of Icelanders here is probably over 20. You can also find most of us on facebook, in the Íslendingar í Stanford group. Here is a list of some of the Icelanders currently studying or working at Stanford

Egill Júlíusson (e-mail) – Ph.D. student in Energy Resources Engineering

Hrefna Marín Gunnarsdóttir (e-mail) – Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering

María Helga Guðmundsdóttir (e-mail) – B.A. student in German Studies, B.S. student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

Steinunn Arnardóttir (e-mail) – M.Sc. student in Electrical Engineering and Music Technology

Victor Knútur Victorsson (e-mail) – Ph.D. student in Structural Engineering

Ásdís Nordal Snævarr (e-mail) – J.S.M. student at Stanford Law School


Here are some links that may be useful:

The Icelandic association of Northern California

The Icelandic Embassy in Washington D.C.

LIN – Icelandic Student Loan Fund

SINE – Association of Icelandic Students Abroad.

RSK – Internal Revenue Directorate of Iceland.

Rannís – Icelandic Research Council.

The Student Travel Bureau of Iceland.

Icelandic “google”



The European Song Contest

History Corner

Here is a list of recent Icelandic affiliates with Stanford. This list is not very complete, please help me to fill in the gaps (e-mail).

Gunnar Sigurðsson – M.S. student in Electrical Engineering

Ólafur Guðmundsson – M.S. student in Electrical Engineering

Auðun Freyr Ingvarsson – Stanford Sloan Master’s Program

Ásdís Magnúsdóttir – Masters student in Patent Law

Björgvin Skúli Sigurðsson - Ph.D. student in Management Science and Engineering

Davíð Brynjar Franzson  - Ph.D. student in Music

Elfar Aðalsteinsson  - Research Associate in Department of Radiology

Kristín Friðgeirsdóttir - Ph.D. student in Eng.-Econ. Sys. & Oper. Res.

Logi Viðarsson - Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering

Ríkarður Sigfús Ríkarðsson - M.S. student in Electrical Engineering

Sigurjón Jónsson - Ph.D. student in Geophysics

Soffia Jonasdottir - Doctor at the Stanford Medical School

Styrmir Sigurjónsson - M.S. student in Electrical Engineering

Jón Tómas Grétarsson - Ph.D. student in Computational Mathematics & Engineering

Thráinn Friðriksson - Ph.D. student in Geochemistry

Hersir Sigurgeirsson – Ph.D. in Scientific Computing & Computational Math 2001

Sverrir Þorvaldsson – Ph.D. in Mathematics 2000

Gunnlaugur Briem – M.S. in Electrical Engineering 2000

Hjörtur Þráinsson – Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 2000

Trausti Þórmundsson – M.S. in Electrical Engineering 1999

Sveinn Valfells – M.S. in Engineering Economic Systems and Operational Research 1998

Elfar Aðalsteinsson – Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering 1995

Ari Jónsson – Ph.D. in Computer Science

Þóra Árnadóttir – Ph.D. in Geophysics 1993

Hallbjörn Karlsson – M.S. Mechanical Engineering 91 or 92

Andri Teitsson – M.S. Industrial Engineering 91 or 92

Árni Hauksson – M.S. Industrial Engineering 91 or 92

Sigurbjörn Thorkelsson – M.S. Industrial Engineering 91 or 92

Jóhanna Gísladóttir – Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1993

Sigrún Andradóttir – Ph.D. Operation Research, 1990

Árni Geirsson – Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 1990

Guðrún Ólafsdóttir – M.S. in Civil Engineering, 1989

Halldóra Hreggviðsdóttir – M.S. Engineering Economic Systems 1989, and M.S. Geology 1987

Jens Bjarnason – M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 1984

Jón Scheving Thorsteinsson

Einar Kjartansson – Ph.D. in Geophysics

Unnur Ósk Grétarsdóttir – Computer Science

Egill Juliusson
Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Green Earth Sciences Building #065
Stanford, CA 94305-2220
United States
Email: egillj(hjá)