The Soto Zen Text Project

The Soto Zen Text Project is an initiative of the International Division of the Administrative Headquarters of Soto Zen Buddhism (Sōtōshū Shūmuchō) that seeks to provide materials for the international study and practice of Soto Zen.

The project was formally launched in 1996, with the establishment of an Editorial Board made up of scholars and Sotoshu representatives from Japan and America.

Under the direction of the Board, a team of translators has begun work on English translations of the major texts of Soto liturgy, ritual, and doctrine. As this work is completed, the translations will be made available to the public in both printed and electronic forms.

Translation Team:

Carl Bielefeldt (Stanford), editor, translator Shōbōgenzō
Griffith Foulk (Sarah Lawrence), editor, translator Gyōji kihan
William Bodiford (UCLA), translator Denkōroku
John McRae, translator Denkōroku
Stanley Weinstein (Yale), translator Shōbōgenzō
Urs App, computuer consultant

For an account of the project by Professor Nara Yasuaki, see the special issue of the Soto Zen journal Dharma Eye (Hogen) 9 (Autumn 2001). This issue also includes reflections on translating Dogen by Okumura Shōhaku, Carl Bielefeldt, Tanahashi Kazuaki, and Taigen Leighton.