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Soto School Scriptures for Daily Services and Practice. Tokyo: Sotoshu Shumucho, 2001. A complete translation of the Sotoshu liturgical manual, Sōtōshū nikka gongyō seiten 曹洞宗日課勤行, developed by a committee of Soto school representatives in consultation with SZTP and edited by Griffith Foulk.

Available from Zenshuji, 123 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Soto Zen groups may order free examination copies. For information, e-mail Currently, only the Introduction and Contents are available on this site.

Treasury of the Eye of the True Dharma. In preparation. A complete annotated translation of the Shōbōgenzō 正法眼藏, the collected vernacular writings of the founder of Japanese Sōtō Zen, Dōgen.

Individual chapters published serially in Dharma Eye, the journal of the Soto Zen Education Center. To subscribe to this free publication, write to Dharma Eye, Zenshuji, 123 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012; or e-mail As chapters appear in Dharma Eye or elsewhere, they will be made available on this site.

The following chapters have appeared to date:

Principles of Zazen (Zazen gi 坐禪儀), Zen Quarterly 11:2-3 (1999)
Lancet of Zazen (Zazen shin 坐禪箴), Religions of Japan in Practice (1999)
Mountains and Waters Sutra (Sansui kyō 山水經), Dharma Eye 9 (Autumn 2001)
Getting the Marrow by Doing Obeisance (Raihai tokuzui 禮拜得髓), Dharma Eye 10 (Spring 2002)
Not Doing Evils (Shoaku makusa 諸悪莫作), Dharma Eye 11 (Autumn 2002)
Penetration of Other Minds (Tashin tsū 他心通), Dharma Eye 12 (Spring 2003)
Old Buddha Mind (Kobutsu shin 古佛心), Dharma Eye 13 (Autumn 2003)
Ocean Seal Samadhi (Kaiin zanmai 海印三昧), Dharma Eye 14 (Spring 2004)
The Arhat (Arakan 阿羅漢), Dharma Eye 15 (Februrary 2005)
Talking of the Mind, Talking of the Nature (Sesshin sesshō 説心説性), Dharma Eye 16 (Autumn 2005)
Twining Vines (Kattō 葛藤), Dharma Eye 17 (Spring 2006)
King of Samadhis Samadhi (Zanmai ō zanmai 三昧王三昧), Dharma Eye 18 (Autumn 2006)
The Way of the Buddha (Butsudō 佛道), Dharma Eye 19 (Spring 2007)
The Cypress Tree (Hakujushi 柏樹子), Dharma Eye 20 (Autumn 2007)
Giving Rise to the Mind of Bodhi (Hotsu bodai shin 発菩提心), Dharma Eye 21 (Spring 2008)
Song of the Dragon (Ryūgin 龍吟), Dharma Eye 22 (Autumn 2008)
The Intention of the Ancestral Master's Coming from the West (Soshi seirai i 祖師西來意), Dharma Eye 22 (Autumn 2008)
The Ten Directions (Jippō 十方), Dharma Eye 23 (Spring 2009)
Extensive Study (Henzan 徧參), Dharma Eye 24 (Autumn 2009)

Instructions for the Cook. Translation by Griffith Foulk of Dōgen's Tenzo kyōkun 典座教訓, one of the texts of his collection of monastic codes known as the Eihei shingi 永平清規. Published in Jisho Warner et al., Nothing is Hidden: Essays on Zen Master Dōgen's Instructions for the Cook, pp. 21-40 (N.Y. and Tokyo: Weatherhill, 2001). Available on this site.

Related publications:

Shohaku Okumura, ed., Dogen Zen and Its Relevance for Our Time (San Francisco: Soto Zen Buddhism International Center, 2003. Papers of the 1999 Sotoshu-Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies symposium celebrating the 800th anniversary of Dōgen's birth. Online versions of the papers are available in our Archive.

Bielefeldt, "Disarming the Superpowers: The abhijñā in Eisai and Dōgen," in Dōgen zenji kenkyū ronshū 道元禅師研究論集 [Dōgen Studies], ed. by Daihonzan Eiheiji Daionki Kyoku (Fukui-ken: Eiheiji, 2002). On the background of the Tashin tsū 他心通 and Jinzū 神通 chapters of the Shōbōgenzō 正法眼藏. Download document.

Foulk, "The Historical Context of Dōgen's Monastic Rules," in Dōgen zenji kenkyū ronshū 道元禅師研究論集 [Dōgen Studies], ed. by Daihonzan Eiheiji Daionki Kyoku (Fukui-ken: Eiheiji, 2002). On the background of the texts of the Eihei shingi 永平清規.

Bielefeldt, "Circumabulating the Mountains and Waters" Dharma Eye 9 (2001). On translating the Shōbōgenzō. Online version.

Bielefeldt, "Sanka suru bukkyō ni mukete 参加する佛教に向けて," in Nara 奈良 and Azuma , ed., Dōgen no nijūisseiki 道元の二十一世紀 [Dōgen's Twenty-first Century] (Tokyo: Tokyo Shoseki, 2001). Thoughts on Dōgen and contemporary American Soto Zen. PDF. English translation: "Toward a Participatory Buddhism."

Bielefeldt, "Dōgen's Lancet of Seated Meditation," in G. Tanabe, ed., Religions of Japan in Practice, Princeton Readings in Religions (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1999). Translation of Shōbōgenzō zazen shin 正法眼藏坐禪箴.

Bielefeldt, "Buddha Nature, Buddha Practice: Reflections on Dōgen's Shōbōgenzō." Conference on Korean Son Buddhism, Paekyangsa, 1998. On the Shōbōgenzō sansuikyō, Gary Snyder, and critical Buddhism. Online version.

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