News from the Editors
Autumn 2009

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News of the site.

Throughout its history, this site has been provided by the Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies. With the renaming of the center as the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford, it now has a new web site, and our SZTP site has migrated with it. Our new "vanity" address is now The full address is:

We're continuing to upload our translations of Shōbōgenzō chapters as they appear in Dharma Eye. Over the past year, we've added translations of Ryūgin 龍吟 (Song of the Dragon) and Soshi seirai i 祖師西來意 (The Intention of the Ancestral Master's Coming from the West), from Dharma Eye, number 22 (Autumn 2008); Jippō 十方 (The Ten Directions), Dharma Eye, number 23 (Spring 2009); and Henzan 徧參 (Extensive Study), Dharma Eye 24 (Autumn 2009).

For a full list of what's now available, see the Publications page, which also includes a list of a few articles related to the project.

Status report.

Gyōji kihan. During this past year, Griffith Foulk and Urs App have been preparing the final copy of Griff's translation of the Sōtōshū gyōji kihan 曹洞宗行持規範, the Soto school's manual of ritual practice. The translation, entitled Standard Observances of the Soto School, is scheduled for publication by the Sōtōshū Shūmuchō this winter. We will announce information on how to obtain a copy of the book as soon as it becomes available.

Shōbōgenzo. During the summer, our Shōbōgenzo team submitted new translations of seven fascicles: Busshō 佛性 (by Carl Bielefeldt); Shisho 嗣書 and Senjō 洗浄 (by Griffith Foulk); and Nyorai zenshin 如來全身, Ten hōrin 轉法輪, Kokū 虚空, and Ippyakuhachi hōmyō mon 一百八法明門 (by Stanley Weinstein).

During the coming year, the team will be translating seven more fascicles: Kannon 觀音, Uji 有時, and Mujō seppō 無情説法 (by Carl Bielefeldt); Ango 安居 and Shukke 出家 (by Griffith Foulk); and Kie buppōsōbō 歸依佛法僧寳 and Hachi dainin gaku 八大人覺 (by Stanley Weinstein).

You can see the full list of the chapters we've been working on by checking the Shōbōgenzō Contents page.

We may note in passing that our Shōbōgenzō project was featured in the Fall 2009 issue of the journal Buddhadharma.

Denkōroku. John McRae joined Will Bodiford last year to work on our translation of the Denkōroku, the important history of the ancestors of the Sōtō lineage by Keizan, founder of the Sōjiji branch of Sōtō. This past summer, they submitted sections 21-31 of the work. They propose to complete sections 32-39 during this coming year.

This page.

We try to update this editors' page about once a year with news of the project. Earlier versions go into our Archive directory. In between updates, we'll put notices of new developments on the home page.

Carl Bielefeldt
T. Griffith Foulk