Instrumentation: [X] large bowl-bell. [Y] small bowl-bell. [Z] nakkei: damping hand-bell with striker

Soto School Scriptures for Daily Services and Practice
(Sôtôshû nikka gongyô seiten)
Part 3: Verses and Texts for Other Occasions: A. Verses

Part One:
Texts for Sutra Chanting Services

Part Two:
Eko for Sutra Chanting Services

Part Three:
Verses & Texts for Other Occasions
A. Verses
Verse of Homage to Buddha's Relics
Sutra Opening Verse
Robe Verse
Repentance Verse
Three Refuges Verse
Three Refuges Prayer
Verse in Worship of the Three Venerable Ones
Sanzon raimon)
Prostrations Verse
Raihai ge)
Four Vows
Shigusei ganmon)
Formal Meal Verses
Gyôhatsu nenju)
Bath Verse
Nyûyoku no ge)
Face Washing Verse
Senmen no ge)
B. Eko
Abbreviated Transfer of Merit to Lay People
zaike ryaku ekô)
Transfer of Merit at a Lay Person's Grave
zaike bozen ekô)
Universal Transference of Merit
C. Other Texts
Universally Recommended Instructions for Zazen
Fukan zazengi)
Meaning of Practice and Verification



Verse of Homage to Buddha's Relics


With wholehearted reverence we bow
to the relics of the true body
[X] of the Tathagata Shakyamuni,
who is fully endowed with myriad virtues;
to the dharma body which is the fundamental ground;
and to his stupa, which is the whole universe.
With deep respect we venerate the one
who manifested a body for our sake.
Through the sustaining power of the Buddha,
which enters us even as we enter it,
we verify awakening.
By means of the Buddha's spiritual power,
we benefit living beings,
[Y] arouse the thought of awakening,
cultivate bodhisattva practice,
and together enter perfect peace,
[Y] the knowledge of the equality of all things.
Now let us reverently bow.