Stanford Community Farm

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About the Farm

The basis for the present day Stanford Community Farm harkens to the time of Jane and Leland Stanford and their vision for Stanford University. In the words they used to established their university, the Stanfords decreed:

"[The] Trustees...shall have power, and it shall be their duty...[to] maintain on the Palo Alto Estate a farm for instruction in Agriculture and all its branches."

The Founding Grant with Amendments, Legislation, and Court Decrees, November 11, 1885, Published by the University 1987, p. 5, 6.

Today, the Stanford Community Farm is a Stanford faculty, staff and student operated organic garden located on the Stanford campus that exists to educate the Stanford community about organic gardening techniques and to provide an outlet for recreational gardening. The Stanford Community Farm sees, as one of its goals, the fulfillment of the wish of Jane and Leland Stanford that there be a farm and instruction in agriculture at their university.

Located on the west side of campus, the one-acre farm includes a fruit orchard, numerous communally-managed student plots, and many individual plots maintained by the Farm's various members.

Anyone is welcome to visit the farm and if you study or work at Stanford, you are welcome to grow food and flowers with us!