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Updated 01.31.1999


There is certainly no simple recipe for making a good leader."  We consider, however, the following "CEO Skills Inventory" by Fred Gibbons a very good check list of major components.   It provides a valuable direction as to what one can improve about his/herself to build a successful career on the path of management.  This list is also inspiring to people who expect good output from projects requiring lots of coordination.


Individual Characteristics


Results Orientation

Analytic Intelligence
Sense of Urgency
Willingness to Ask for Help
Decision Making
Ability to Simplify
Creative Questioning Approach
Communications Skills
People Empathy
Potential Problem Identification
Ego Drive
Willingness to Take Unqualified Responsibility
Willingness to Take the Lead

Market and Customer Knowledge
Some Familiarity with Technology
Articulates and Champions the Vision
Establishes Strategy
Builds a Team
Defines Clear Cut Objectives
Delivers Objectives
Removes Obstacles for the Team
Establishes and Enforces a Culture
Asks the Right Questions
Focuses on Both Short and Long Term
Early Problem Identification
Ability to Solve a Problem
Encourages Continuous Learning at All Level