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Updated 01.31.1999


dance2.gif (13917 bytes) Multicultural Impact
What impacts have cultural differences on effectiveness and decision making of your group?  How do global teams build trust and communicate efficiently when people are geographically scattered and never likely to meet face-to-face?  Prepare yourself for encountering the so-called Cultural Shock.   Take a look at facts and recommendations.

Meeting Skills
It is estimated that over a billion meetings are held worldwide every year.  But up to 15% of these meetings is wasted work! Nowadays, however, meeting facilitators are no longer limited by job title; anyone-- literally, on every level of every organization, could be called on to facilitate meetings.  And that includes you.
But how to make a meeting really effective one that not only uses people's time efficiently, but also impresses your co-workers and bosses?  As the first step, take a look at some simple but useful tricks that you can start applying today.

What is leadership?  What does it take to be a CEO?   What are some characteristics of successful leaders?  Check out our skill inventory.
How well do you know your partners, or even yourself?   Wonder why so many conflicts exist in your work experience?  How to invite the right people to build a "dream team" for future work? 
Knowing your own preferences and learning about other people's can help you understand where your special strengths are, what kind of work you might enjoy, and how people with different preferences can relate to each other and be valuable to work environment and society as a whole.  Some self-evaluation instruments can help you explore the intrinsic factor behind interpersonal communications.


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