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Updated 01.31.1999


Improving Work Relationships
How often have you looked forward to your lunch or coffee break, so you could chat with your co-workers about last night's drama or your upcoming vacation plans?
Through interactions like these and other work-related activities, it is easy to see how special bonds can develop in the workplace.  When you form positive relationships with your co-workers, you are more likely to enjoy you job and tend to be more productive.   There are times, however, when establishing and maintaining a positive work relationship can be challenging, to say the least.  That is exactly why you should know some tips that professionals recommend. 
Does your team or group have trouble in making decisions from various perspectives?  Did you ever find that your team have difficulties in bringing up different opinions in meetings?  Have you ever noticed that your co-workers tend to agree on almost everything that a small number of people come up with?  Or do you feel yourself under tremendous pressure when attempting to disagree with other team members?
If any of the above situations applies to your work experience, chances are good that you and your team has fallen into the phenomenon called Groupthink, a killer that paralyzes team dynamics, suppresses creativity, and reduces efficiency.  Knowing groupthink, its common symptoms, and good organizational practices helps immune your group from consequences that deteriorate output of your work or business.  


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