SCIP Corporate Partnership Program


Through its research initiatives, Stanford brings industry together with scholars from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines to identify the most challenging business issues and address them in the context of research and teaching programs that are rigorous, relevant and enduring.

While the Sloan Foundation provided generous funding for the initial establishment of SCIP, the university must now generate corporate support for SCIP's ongoing project costs. Given how critical active industry participation is to the understanding of key management challenges and pressing industry concerns, our goal is to assemble a number of companies (both information technology vendors and users) as SCIP's corporate partners. SCIP is proud to have 22 Corporate Partners currently.

Industry partners will contribute both intellectual and financial resources and become actively involved in the initiative. Partners will enjoy a number of benefits, but primarily access to the findings of one of the nation's most distinguished teams of researchers, who in cooperation with the partners, will pursue an in-depth examination of the future of the computer industry.

The Director of the Stanford Computer Industry Project is William F. Miller, Professor Emeritus of Public and Private Management and Computer Science. He was president and CEO of SRI International for 11 years, and served as vice president and provost of Stanford University. He has also been chairman of Borland International, Inc., and WhoWhere, Inc., and continues to serve on various boards including Wells Fargo Bank; Smart Valley, Inc.; Varian Associates; and CommerceNet. He is also director of the North America Forum. He is joined by a strong, multi-discipline team of faculty and affiliated researchers.



Some of the benefits that our corporate partners receive include:

  • The opportunity to stay abreast of cutting-edge research on the computer industry;
  • Where faculty and corporate interests align, the opportunity to become an active participant in ongoing research; share expertise with project researchers, and when and if appropriate, have the opportunity to influence the research agenda, provide data or offer their companies as research sites;
  • Appointment of a liaison to serve on the SCIP Advisory Board;
  • Interaction with researchers and executives from other partner companies at annual forums, conferences, briefings and weekly workshops;
  • Frequent opportunities to learn from other companies, sharing ideas and insights, including access to a database of research findings and publications;
  • Priority on participation in a new Executive Education course on Strategic Uses of Information Technology which brings together the fruits of research and curriculum development;
  • On certain occasions industry partners may be class visitors or speakers in research colloquia or classes.


Participating companies provide:

  • A contribution of $30,000 per year, with a minimum commitment of three years, to support the research effort.
  • Key personnel who provide a point of contact with the company and who can be active participants at the Annual Forum where ideas and results are discussed;
  • Access to the company for field-based observation on projects of mutual interest (on a case-by-case basis);
  • Occasional access to data on projects of mutual interest.



For information about corporate membership in the Stanford Computer Industry Project, please contact:

Nancy J. Nelson,
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Graduate School of Business
Tel. (650) 725-6141
Fax. (650) 723-1322