The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

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About the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a philanthropic non-profit institution, was established by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. in 1934. The main interests and programs of the Foundation are concentrated primarily in four areas:

Principal Sloan Foundation Contacts

Sloan Industry Studies

The Stanford Computer Industry Project is one of ten industry studies funded by the Sloan Foundation. The primary goal of these industries study programs is to create academic groups, both faculty and students, with direct knowledge of industry. Over time, this should lead to observations, data, and concepts that will be useful to American companies and also contribute to better governmental understanding of important sectors of the economy.

As part of the work by faculty and graduate students at the Sloan Centers for the study of various industries, more than 450 companies have been visited. Almost 40 Ph.D. theses have been completed and many more are underway.

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