Mariposa House
SCRL office, located at Mariposa House (above),
585 Capistrano Way

Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders ("SCRL") is an independent, non-profit community organization. Our members include the homeowners of over 850 homes on the Stanford campus, on land leased from Stanford University. Only Stanford faculty and staff are eligible to purchase homes on the campus. We estimate that about 2,500 residents live in our community.

As a public benefit community association, SCRL represents the interests of and acts on behalf of Stanford campus homeowners on a variety of issues and concerns. SCRL's specific purposes are outlined in the SCRL bylaws and in SCRL's agreement with Stanford University -- available in the website's "Organizational Info" section. SCRL works closely with Stanford University officials and representatives from local government agencies on many projects.

The SCRL Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the annual SCRL meeting. Board members serve for two year terms.


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