Family Task Force

Children thrive on stability. Yet in American society today, children’s lives are less and less stable, particularly for those growing up in low-income families. The underlying causes of instability are complex and rooted in a unique and changing set of social norms and rapidly declining economic prospects for workers without a college degree, among other factors. While significant government funding implements policy aimed at addressing the needs of low-income families, there has been no stemming of the tide toward greater instability and complexity in the family lives of American children. The Family Task Force (FTF), a diverse group of nationally recognized scholars and thought leaders, representing disciplines such as economics, sociology, education and demography, are committed to promoting public policy that supports the growth of stable, economically independent families in the United States. The FTF has met several times to analyze the impact of the numerous places where families and government intersect for their ability to strengthen families and develop innovative recommendations for public policy that promotes the growth of strong families.