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Fall 2009 Issue of PATHWAYS
A magazine on poverty, inequality, and social policy

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  • Trends in poverty and inequality: Periodic reports on key poverty and inequality indicators
  • Cutting-edge research: Concise summaries of research that is changing how we understand the sources and consequences of poverty and inequality
  • Bold new visions: Must-read discussions of how labor market, poverty, and inequality policy might be rethought and changed
  • Debates: Leading scholars and policymakers weigh in on the crucial poverty and inequality questions of our time

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Table of Contents (Fall 2009 Issue)

Editors' Note by David Grusky and Christopher Wimer


  • The Squeeze Before the Storm
    Will the Great Recession bring about a "Great Compression" in wealth inequality? Edward N. Wolff parses the data.

Research in Brief

  • New research developments
    Shocking data on employers who "steal" from the poor, a fresh look at poverty and consumption, and other cutting-edge research.

Are Green Jobs a Silver Bullet?


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