Mie Augier | Senior Consulting Researcher

Mie Augier is a CSDGC research collaborator in the area of cross-cultural learning and an associate professor at NPS and visiting at Stanford, as well as an academic associate with CIBAM (Cambridge, UK). She has also worked worked on consulting and strategy for businesses, governments, executive audiences and and educational institutions in the US and abroad on issues relating to faculty development, strategy, curriculum development, leadership development programs, developing innovations in institutions, and other areas. She works on research on organizational behaviour, innovation, culture, strategy, and the history of behavioral social science and management education. She has published more than 70 articles in journals and books and co-edited several special issues of journals and books. Her most recent book is The Roots, Rituals and Rhetorics of Change (With James March, Stanford University Press, 2011). Her current research interests include: The Tao of March; organizations and strategic management; developing an interdisciplinary and cross cultural framework for understanding organizational decision making.

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