Visit Details

March 29, 2019
Youth Creativity, Innovation & Sustainable Leadership Program
with Seikei High School

A visit to explore the main influences on the YCISL program. Organized in collaboration with GPI US.

Venue: Stanford University


Students from Seikei High School visited CSDGC for a Youth Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Leadership Visit. The one-hour session introduced ideas from three core thought leaders on youth creativity that are applied in the YCISL program. Exercises to reveal emotional intelligence were conducted.

Key elements of the workshop included:

  • The principal YCISL premise that education un-teaches creativity. Idea from the most watched TEDTalk "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" by Sir Ken Robinson.
  • The idea from "Tales of Creativity and Play" by Tim Brown that a play format can help us recover youth creativity and make it more resilient under adult sensitizations. Reasoning behind YCISL being composed of games. Application of the Sketch Your Neighbor exercise to gauge level of creativity loss.
  • Revolutionizing education and the classroom by ensuring reciprocal learning. Based on the proposition in the TEDTalk "What Adults Can Learn from Kids" by Adora Svitak.
  • YCISL emphasis areas of positivity, growth and creativity.
  • Framework for emotional intelligence. Exposure of emotional intelligence through the Buzzer exercise.
  • Q&A. How leadership thinking requires training of EQ-based questioning and active listening skills.

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