Workshop Details

July 22-26, 2015
Youth Creativity, Innovation & Sustainable Leadership Program
with Asano Gakuen

A workshop to explore the creative universe of young students for the benefit of environmental sustainability. Organized in collaboration with GPI US.

Venue: Stanford University


Students from Asano Gakuen Senior High School visited Stanford and the Bay Area for a CSDGC Youth Leadership Development workshop. The 5-day workshop introduced sustainability as a platform for developing design thinking skills and discovering purpose through one's personal story and leadership experience.

Key elements of this workshop included:

  • Discussion about sustainablity design thinking with Glenn Katz (Stanford)
  • Discussion about Ideation and Product Development with Shivani Govil (SAP)
  • Discussion about emotional intelligence and mindfulness with Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu (Stanford).
  • Visits to the Stanford d.school, and the Cantor Arts Center - to learn about discovery and innovation.
  • Discussions about identifying opportunities, emotional intelligence, instrinsic motivation and meaningful innovation for the youth context.
  • Exercises in fast thinking, teamwork, feature-selectivity, positivity, and emotional intelligence.
  • Project work to demonstrate a process of innovation and develop leadership insights.
  • Mentoring by CSDGC interns.
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