The Stanford Economics Association (SEA) is a student-run group of Economics majors and other students interested in economics. Each generation of students decides on the goals of the SEA, and the range of activities is bounded only by students’ energy and enthusiasm. Recently, its objectives and activities have been (1) to promote student-faculty and interaction in the form of faculty lunches, and other social events such as majors night , (2) to encourage student-alumni interaction through career nights and topical economic policy discussions, (3) to encourage student-student interaction through methods such as the SEA mentorship program as well as through social events , (4) to work with the Economics Department for curricular improvement, and (5) to provide opportunity for Economics majors and students interested in Economics to express their academic interest in the form of an undergraduate journal, weekly conversations and competitions among other initiatives. All students interested in economics are welcome to be a part of the SEA.

Email Avner Kreps at akreps@stanford.edu if you are interested in getting more involved!