SPEC 2017

SPEC Stanford Economics Association Logo 1

This is the inaugural year of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Economics Competition (SPEC). Through this event, SEA – in partnership with the Economics department – hopes to foster a community of high school students interested in Economics in the Bay Area.

This competition will be at the level of the AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics exams and will feature two parts. The first part is an individual multiple choice test, and the second part will be a case competition tournament for teams of 3-4. Teams will be given a case prompt to prepare for in advance of the competition day, and will present on the day of. Afterwards, there will be both individual and team awards.
For any and all questions, please contact SEA Coordinator Jack Humphries, jhumphri@stanford.edu.
To attend and compete in the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Economics Competition, you must complete the following forms: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0EhlluQ4L-Ia21jYVNHT3ctS2M?usp=sharing

The sponsor of each school attending SPEC may nominate up to two members for a Need-Based Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the member’s registration fee of $25., and may help defray travel and lodging costs. The application deadline is February 8th. Download the application here.