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Building Access Information

The Information Security Office frequently gets calls for help from people who are locked out of buildings on campus. ISO does not have any control over building access, but depending on where you are you may find the following links useful.

Student Housing

If you are locked out of a student residence, the Housing Front Desk staff can help you during normal business hours. After hours you should try to contact your RA first, but if they are not available you can call the Housing Access Response Team at (650) 725-1602. There is a $100 charge for assistance from HART. See the Lockout Assistance section of the Student Housing Help page for more information.

Other Campus Buildings

If you are locked out of a non-residential building on campus during normal business hours, you should contact your building manager. After hours, you can call Buildings & Grounds Maintenance at (650) 723-2281 for emergency assistance. You'll have to have a valid photo ID with you to get access to your building.

Last modified: 06/03/2014 04:04:45 PM