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Data Governance Board

Stanford's Data Governance Board is made up of the University Privacy Officer, the Chief Information Security Officer and a designated representative from the Office of General Counsel.

Stanford Data Classification Guidelines

Data Governance Board decisions regarding exceptions to Stanford's data security policies will be based on the Stanford Data Classification Guidelines set forth by the university and approved by the Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer.

Exceptions to Stanford's Data Security Policies

If you have a business need which requires an exception to Stanford's information security policies, you should complete the Information Security Risk Acceptance Agreement and submit your request to the Data Governance Board by sending it to the University Privacy Officer, Exceptions are considered only from Vice Presidents, Deans or other individuals qualified to approve exception to university policy.

The Data Governance Board will use ISO Security Guidelines when considering an exception to Stanford information security policies.

Last modified: 05/29/2014 06:11:50 PM