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Mission Statement:

The Stanford Entertainment and Sports Law Association (SESLA) is a student-run organization dedicated to providing information, career support, and camaraderie for students interested in entertainment and sports industry careers. Our primary objective is to supplement the intellectual property and employment law offerings available at Stanford Law School by educating students in the specific legal principles and transactional aspects of entertainment and sports law. In addition, SESLA seeks to provide a forum in which students can meet, exchange ideas, and learn about the entertainment and sports fields through interaction with prominent attorneys, executives, agents, managers, professors, and artists.

We seek to achieve our goals by arranging guest speakers who examine topical issues in entertainment and sports law. Through these events, our organization successfully prepares members for careers in the sports and entertainment industries by cultivating the necessary expertise, skills and practical knowledge utilized in fields as diverse as film, music, sports, art and interactive media.


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