Stanford University owns (or borrows) more than thirty horses. All of Stanford’s horses are donated, coming from diverse backgrounds. Their experience runs the gamut from top-rated show champions to trusted beginner mounts. Our horses are the heart of our program and are beloved by the team. We would like to thank all the horse owners who have donated horses to our program, as well as those who let us use their horses in our shows and lessons.


Donated by the Bussel Family, Ari is a 2005 AQHA gelding who is a perfect All-Around horse. While he is game for PE classes as well as IEA jumping practice, Ari excels as a Horsemanship horse, making him a favorite of the Western Team.




Donated by Stanford alumna, Laurie Thomas, Armani is a spectacular 1998 Holsteiner gelding with numerous wins in the 1.20m and 1.30m while competing with Laurie and the trainers at Willow Tree. One of the Team’s favorite Open Fences mounts, Armani loves attention and is the first horse to put his nose over the door for a scratch in the morning.









Benito is a 2000 Half-Arabian gelding belonging to Haley Harrington. He started his show career in the jumpers but most recently showed on the Arabian circuit. With his show days behind him, Benito is enjoying western and community lessons. He is always looking for a scratch and a peppermint (but especially a peppermint).



Candi (Lollypop)
Donated by the Zaydel family in 2014, this wonderful 1998 warmblood mare has many miles on the show circuit in all three rings. A wonderful equitation horse, and favorite of our IHSA and IEA times, Candi is one of the sweetest horses in the barn and earns her many treats.




Chant (Chantre)
This spectacular 1998 Holsteiner gelding, donated by the Roberson family, has competed in nearly a dozen Grand Prix to much success, but you’d never know what a fierce competitor he is given how absolutely kind and loving he is on the ground and under saddle. One of the Open rider riders very favorites, he is also loving time with the dressage team.






WGR Passanova, or “Chili,” is a 1996 Quarter Horse gelding donated by the Neukom Family. Chili has twice won the Team’s “MVH” (Most Valuable Horse) year-end honors thanks to his ability in Western, Hunt Seat and Dressage, and extremely loving personality.














Cooper (Kountry Boy)
Donated by Sheila Hart, “Cooper” is a 2000 Argentine Warmblood with a great deal of experience in the equitation ring from his time at Far West. This handsome boy is one of our Open riders favorites, but also dabbles a little in the Dressage ring.









Donated by Tara Couch this 2003 Swedish Warmblood Grand Prix mount amassed numerous top placings throughout North America, including at Menlo, Thermal and Thunderbird. Cozmoz still has huge scope and a big heart, but he is also enjoying learning the ways of being a ‘Big Eq’ horse at Stanford!






Donated in 2015, Duell is a 2005 Swedish Warmblood of exceptional quality. He is prized by the Dressage team for his exemplary training on the flat, but with the scope to compete in the 1.50m the Open riders on the Hunt Seat team are quick to pick him as one of their favorites. While he does over jump flower boxes and hunter jumps by an extra foot (or three!) he is quickly settling in to his job at Stanford.





Donated by the Strong family after a wonderful career as a therapy horse with BOK Ranch, this 1998 Quarter Horse gelding is a wonderful teaching partner. Happiest western where he is not just allowed, but encourage, to go slow, Dunrite will also happily go English as long as there is a treat waiting for him back in the barn.





Simply a Dutchess
“Duchess,” is a 2000 Quarter Horse/Welsh Pony donated by Terri Bullock. Technically a Large Pony, this wonderful mare is just as fun on the flat as she is over fences. With her flaxen mane and tail she is always an eye-catcher.








This 2003 Hanoverian gelding was donated by Natasha Johnston who, along with trainer Matt Sereni, had many wins as a hunter. With a huge, round jump, Findlay has quickly become one of the Team’s favorites for jumping lessons, as well as for the upper level riders on the Dressage team.








Freddy (Fresno)
Donated by the Tyrell family, this 2002 Hanoverian gelding is a seasoned equitation horse and favorite of Open riders on the team. Hailing from Beacon Hill where he competed in the Maclay finals, Freddy is not only talented over fences an on the flat, but also in Dressage.







Fresco, a 2005 warmblood gelding, is a spectacular hunter donated by the Ronn Family. Fresco has qualified for the Junior Hunter Finals and with Juliana Ronn in the irons won countless classes in the Hunter and Equitation ring. He is loved for his pink nose, round jump, and willingness to take on a morning a week with the Dressage team.























Julius has to be one of the most popular horses in the barn! From dressage to jumping, x-rails to Open, he does it all! This 1998 warmblood gelding was kindly donated by the Curcio family and is now a beloved member of the Stanford family!






This stout Paint mare is full of personality, spending time as a camp horse at Camp Kennolyn, as well as serving as a team mount for UC Davis. With a zeal for jumping, Katie is also earnestly learning Dressage including competing in her first shows for the team this year.












Magic (Black Magic)
Donated by the Vardell family, this lovely little mare has a huge heart! An amazing eventing pony who has competed throughout the west coast, she is loved by all the teams, but a particular favorite of the dressage team and the many IEA riders lucky enough to ride her!



Namaste is a 2009 Dutch Warmblood gelding donated by the Pishevar Family. Discovered as a young stallion at Stal Wilten by one of the Team’s alumni, “Noms” was imported to the US in part because of his super equitation prospects, but also because of his incredibly loving personality. Quickly a favorite of Open riders on the team, Noms is also learning Dressage.






E.V. Allora
“Molly,” joins her former barnmate, Cozmoz, at Stanford—thanks to the continued generosity of Tara Couch. As a 1.35m and 1.40m horse for Tara while at Eden Valley Stables, Molly was a fierce competitor, winning classes both nationally (CA, FL, KY) and internationally. While she still loves to jump, Molly is loved by the Stanford Team for her love of cuddling, fondness for treats, and undying loving for her neighbor, Cozmoz.




Monty (Dash on By)
This 1994 Canadian Warmblood is as loveable as they come with knee-high white socks, an ample belly and sweet face. A donation from the Friedman family, he is a favorite draw of Novice riders across the Regions with more wins in Novice Fences than any other horse in Northern California.



Oscar (Montenegro)
Oscar, a 2000 Hanoverian gelding donated by Meera Clark, is an absolute dream to ride! Imported from Spain, he quickly took to the hunter ring, bringing home many tricolors throughout his show career before coming to college with Meera where she showed him successfully with Northern Run. Prior to graduation Meera entrusted Oscar to the Team where he has found a spot as a favorite Open draw, as well as a very flashy upper level dressage horse



Prince of Thieves
“Prince,” joins Stanford from the Dash Family out of Washington State. Imported to be an equitation mount, this 2005 warmblood gelding is a star of the Hunt Seat Team. A magnificent draw, he is bold, scopey and has plenty of step on course. Plus, he LOVES attention in the barn!







Ronny (Kandinsky)
Donated by the Lobel Family, this big 2000 Warmblood gelding graced the cover of Practical Horseman in 2013 in its Collegiate Issue. A talented 3’6″ equitation horse for Saer Coulter and Caroline Lobel, Ronnie has vast experience in Meday and Maclay classes from Del Mar to Wellington. At Stanford he is a favored mount of the Open riders on the team and loves long afternoons in turnout.



Greyscale, “Quinn” is a 2004 Warmblood gelding donated by the Coe Family. An experienced equitation star, Quinn is a dream to ride on the flat and over fences. Well-schooled in all of the equitation tests, he is one of the Team’s best draws!










Sammy (Innocente)
Donated by Bay Rose Farm, this 2003 warmblood gelding is a spectacular mover was quickly a favorite of both the team’s upper level jumping riders, as well as the Dressage team.
















Sterling came to Stanford with the Henderson family from the chilly winters of Ohio. This pony is about as perfect as they come. From Eventing to Dressage, she does it all, making her one of the favorite horses of the Hunt Seat, Dressage and IEA Teams.







Sunday Parker
Sunday Parker is owned by Stanford Red Barn Advisory Board President, George Parker. Though this adorable Quarter Horse is used as a field hunter with the Los Altos Hounds as well as to round up cattle by the Dish, Sunday easily adapts to his stays at the Red Barn. He is used for many horse shows in the Novice division and can even pinch hit Western when needed.







Toby (Hurricane)
Toby is a 1998 Canadian Warmblood donated to the Team by Beers Family. Toby is one of the Team favorites over fences, always in the top ribbons in Novice and a favorite draw on the flat. Toby was voted to be the 2013 IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Horse of the Year.








Van (Vahorn)
Donated by the Margolis Family, this 1998 Belgian Warmblood is one of the Team’s favorites thanks to his loving disposition, wonderful jump, and talent in the dressage court. Before coming to Stanford Van had a decorated career as an equitation mount, including winning the Nor Cal Finals with Team rider Claire Margolis. Van won the 2014 Zone 8 Horse of the Show at the Zone Finals.