Game Genres


Tabletop roleplaying - Dice, paper, rulebooks, and more! Its most common incarnation, Dungeons and Dragons, is famous (or at least infamous) the world over. While you will find the occasional game of D&D here, we branch out substantially into other systems and genres. Games are divided into two main categories - ongoing campaigns, which usually meet once a week for at least a quarter, and one-shots, which are one-time events usually designed to showcase a novel system or provide for those among us who are less gifted with free time.


Live-Action Roleplaying, aka larping, is a genre plagued with many stereotypes. Whatever you've heard about larping, we aren't like that. We act, socialize, feud, romanticize, pontificate, and dramatize, but most of all we have fun. They can vary greatly in theme, from high space opera to modern fantasy.

Collectible Cards

Collectible Card Games (CCGs) combine strategic play and intensive planning in one activity, serving as both exciting games and (sometimes) valuable collectibles. Stanford CCG activity is dominated by Magic: The Gathering, as is the hobby at large. Other games get their share, though, with some amount of LotR, A Game of Thrones, and Netrunner. Events include semi-regular informal play gatherings, student-run drafts, and organizing groups for official tournaments, prereleases, and the like.

Magic the Gathering

The Stanford community plays all sorts of Magic: the Gathering variants, including multiplayer EDH, casual 60 card decks, testing for the current PTQ season, and drafting with the current set. For more information and to sign up for the Magic email list, subscribe by sending an email to:

Strategy and Board Games

Strategy games and board games - beautifully designed modern (so-called 'German') board games have been coming out in recent years, e.g. "Settlers of Catan" and "Puerto Rico". As well as those, we also play strategy games such as "Axis and Allies" and "Game of Thrones". We also have newer games like Pandemic, Frag, Dominon, and more!

Board game nights are held once a week.


Warhammer 40K makes up the bulk of Stanford Gaming Society's wargaming department. If you've never heard of wargaming before, it's a miniatures-based combat simulation with prime emphasis on strategy and tactics.