From Palo Alto Transit Center, take the "P" Line Shuttle to the Campus Oval. Turn right and walk along Serra Mall towards Herrin Hall. Turn right at the small paved path and continue until you see the parked golf carts. Turn left toward Herrin Labs. Continue walking until you reach the third set of double doors (across from the ping pong table) on your righthand side. Please call the lab or have someone expecting you in advance as the doors to the building are locked at all times.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Biology
Stanford University
385 Serra Mall
Herrin Labs, Room 144
Stanford, CA 94305-5020
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Lab Phone: (+1) 650-724-4255

Office Phone: (+1) 650-724-7975

Fax: (+1) 650-724-4213

E-mail: kangshen "at"

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