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Sigma Nu House
It has been said that there is no typical Sigma Nu. Indeed, we are a diverse group of men -- scholars, political innovators, musicians, RAs, varsity athletes, entrepreneurs, community service leaders -- all dedicated to our individual goals and our tight-knit community.

Through events like our winter charity concert Snowchella, our Halloween carnival day for Palo Alto elementary school students Sigma Boo, our quarterly Sigma Nu Arts and Poetry Slam (SNAPS), weekly Balcony Nights, and frequent all-campus parties, we contribute to the Stanford community in unique and dynamic ways. We strive both to make an impact on campus and to get the most out of our collegiate experiences. There truly is never a dull moment at Sigma Nu.

Want to be a Sigma Nu? We are a collection of strong-willed individuals who define our house with our particular talents, backgrounds, and passions. Sigma Nu is an involved community where we constantly shape and are shaped by the men around us.

If that appeals to you, drop by the house at 557 Mayfield Ave and take the time to consider what this fraternity might bring to you and what you might bring to this fraternity. Come experience one of Stanford's most vibrant communities. Come experience Sigma Nu.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our rush chairs listed below.

Campus Involvement

Sigma Nu prides itself on having members who are actively involved on campus and in the greater Bay Area. In pledging Sigma Nu, you can join a fraternity where it is easy to get advice and mentorship from active members of this community. A partial listing of recent member achievements include:
  • Largest contingency of RAs out of any organization on campus
  • Many staff members for Camp Kessem
  • Financial Manager for the Stanford African Students Association
  • Haas Fellowship Award Winner
  • Large number of entrepreneurs (Real Estate Investment, Cardinal Tutoring, Web Design, etc.)
  • Founder of the Largest Stanford Engineering Fellowship Program (Founder of Tsinghua Fellows, with a $2.5M budget until 2011)
  • Largest College Seminar Series in the world (Entrepreneurial Thought Leader's Seminar)
  • Two Marshall Scholars, A Mitchell Scholar, and several Mayfield Fellows
  • Top Officer of Stanford Society of Chicano/Latino Engineers and Scientists (SSCLES)
  • The Tree ('06-'07, '09-'10)
  • Dance Team Captains
  • Marine OCS
  • Army and Navy ROTC
  • Northern California Chair for Students for Meg Whitman
  • A Ski Team Captain and A Ski Team President
  • Presidential Scholar (1 of 100 in Nation)
  • JP Morgan Junior Year Mergers&Acquisitions Program
  • Monster and Neuro Representatives
  • Toyota Community Scholar (1 of 100 in Nation)
  • Breakthrough Collaborative Recruiter
  • Recent Alums at Visa, Accenture, Bain, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse
  • Stanford Conservative Society President
  • Recent Alums in Yale Law and Harvard Law
  • Men's Tennis Team Captain
  • Two Men's Track Team Captains
  • Three Men's NCAA Champions
  • President of Hillel and Jewish Students' Association
  • President of the Inter Fraternity Council (IFC)
  • Several ASSU Undergraduate Senators
  • An ASSU President and An ASSU Vice President
  • And many more, including Class Presidents, TAs, Red Bull Representative, Dell Representative, and Sierra Camp Counselors