Week 6 Announcements

Mid-quarter check-in

Just to get a gauge of what's working or not, so that we can tweak each session accordingly, please help us out by filling out this feedback form!

Readings for Week 6

About Funder and Lemonade.io, the company founded by next week's guest speaker, Angad Singh ('14): https://www.producthunt.com/tech/funder

Reading 1: A closer look at edtech funding in 2014

Reading 2: Google's Chromebooks make up half of US classroom devices sold

Office Hours

If you ever want to chat about anything, be it related to the class, thoughts you are having about edtech and equity, about careers in education etc., things you're grappling with big or small, please feel free to reach out to us!

Good luck with midterms and the rest of the week!

Week 5 Announcements

Readings for 2/2

The readings are not mandatory, but spending 10 min going through this week's reading on New Hampshire's push toward a more effective assessment system to support deeper learning will really inform the conversation and talk with our guest speaker, John Snyder, on 2/2.

John Snyder is the Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education and he will be dissecting a couple case studies surrounding this paper.

Trip Planning


Week 3 Announcements


Meet at Escondido Turnaround @ 8am

Drivers - Kristen (5 seats), Armin (5 seats), Kevin (Zipcar)

Our final workshop plan with a layout of timing, activities, and materials is here.


Add your favorite jams HERE. :)


Wildest hot date gets a prize from Gloria and I! Here are your assignments for the week:

  • Ahmed - Sydney
  • Albert - Robel
  • Armando - Nathan
  • Armin - Meena
  • Karina - Kristen
  • Kayland - Kevin


Keep reading the blog and keep an eye out for Nathan's upcoming blog post!

Enjoy your weeks!