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Dan Klein

Dan Klein is the coach of the SImps. A SImp of old yore, Dan has traveled far and wide in his improv work before his return to Stanford. He is now a professor in the Stanford Drama Department.

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Andre Amarotico

Bla Bla Bla Bio Bla Bla Bla

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Agatha Bacelar

Agatha Eleonora Guimarăes Bacelar de Oliveira Stephens.

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Shalmali Bane

Shalmali's high school awarded her the superlative "Most Awkward" and her freshmen dorm named her "The Life of the Party". She stumbles along that thin line everyday. She still dreams of running away and joining the circus.

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Alex Bayer

"Two balloons: the story of two balloons and a small bear"
When I separate a hand, where does you fly to?

The end.

(Unknown whether this was found on a Japanese notebook or in Alex's subconscious)

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Justin Brown

Justin's middle name is actually Case. Forreals yo.

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Sophie Carter-Kahn

Sophie is not a girl, not yet a woman. She wants the world; she wants the whole world! She wants to wrap it all up in her pocket – it’s her bar of chocolate. She so international, the way -- the way she get it on the floor.

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Alex Cheng

charmingly incoherent; starting shooting guard for the indiana pacers

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Will Cox

The word 'biography' most likely derives from the Greek words 'bios' and 'graphia'. The latter refers to a kind of writing, and is often translated as either 'record' or 'account'. The former means 'life', but in a particular sense -- it refers not to the fact of life, that is, that one is alive at all (this would be the Greek word 'zoe'), but rather to the specific form of life appropriate to a particular person (such as a politician or housebuilder). To write a biography, then, is to give a written account of one's form of life; to write one's life.

Will's favorite word is 'rumpus'.

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Mathias Crawford

Every improv group needs a Canadian. That would be me.
Follow me on twitter (@mfcrawford) but not in real life.

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Aaron Damashek

Aaron likes kaleidoscopes, mangoes, rolling down (and up) hills, trampolines, bonfires, playing ukelele, and otters. He is also willing to teach you how to Dougie.

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Maria Dogero

Maria loves....... you!

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Jessia Hoffman

Jessia sincerely believes that improv = life. She is happiest when playing on stage and finds an excuse to bring improv up in every conversation. With anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Jessia is absolutely thrilled to follow in her former coach's footsteps as a SImp (I see you, Lisa!)

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Ben Holston

Ben spent two years on the varsity swim team before joining SImps in the Spring of 2013. In his spare time, he chairs the Undergraduate Senate, so shoot him an email if you want to talk about student government, or pandas, or really anything. Ben is from Denver, Colorado, so he loves the outdoors and eating wholesome granola. He is super excited to be a SImp!!

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Lauren Kelly

Lauren's alter ego is a gremlin by the name of Egadzooks. She's climbin' in yo window, and snatchin' yo people up.

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Dan Knapp

Dan likes to say "rise up lights" and pretend he has an Australian accent. Try it!

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Tess McCarthy

Tess Brelamay Periale McCarthy has never eaten a hamburger. They look really intriguing, though.

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Louis McWilliams

Louis doesn't really enjoy talking about himself about the third person. He thinks it's kind of weird. That being said, he likes Italian food. Though he is reminded of the Groucho Marx quote "I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member," he feels that doesn't apply in this case. He is excited for this opportunity to improvise.

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Austin Meyer

Austin loves rube goldberg contraptions, time-lapse photography, sonicare toothbrushes, appetizers, fire places, new socks, potstickers, lip-syncing, hammocks, the mandolin, cookies and milk, blazers, barbershop quartets, creative halloween costumes, playgrounds, freckles, soccer, and his beautiful pup Lola.

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Erik Olesund

SImps first Swede (?)

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Max Cougar Oswald

It's like there's a party in Cougar's head, but no one remembered to invite him!

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Jenny Pegg

Jenny (L) is the SImps' first two-dimensional player. Despite her spatial limitations and lack of appreciation for vanishing-point geometry, Jenny enjoys many of the same activities as normal boys and girls-- things like holograms, orienteering, making facial expressions, and stacking blocks. Also dioramas, solving equations of three or more variables, and marksmanship practice with friends.

After graduation she plans to become a structural engineer.

She would like to thank Georges Braque for teaching a girl to dream.

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Jon Proctor

Jon was made in Hershey, Pennsylvania; that's why he's such a sweetie.

Smile vibrantly!

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Alex Simon

Alex likes puppies and babies. Small things friends, small things.

dailypuppy.com is her site of choice.

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Emma Steinkellner

Emma is an enigma wrapped in a cardigan wrapped in a bowl of Special K wrapped in a Muppet Baby wrapped in a North American grizzly bear.

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Chris Young

Chris always wanted to eat a piece of his mother's piano but his appetite couldn't handle his musical...ity. So, he opted to explore the SImps where he learned love.

-A word-at-a-time bio by the intrepid retreat group of Fall 2008

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