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Special Events

Opening Banquet

On the first evening of our summer program following the check-in, Professor Krosnick will host an informal banquet dinner in a casual setting. Participants will have a chance to meet the SIPP staff and introduce themselves to the group while enjoying a delicious meal. This is the first opportunity to meet fellow scholars and senior researchers in an effort to propagate lasting collaborations and friendships, as well as cementing a large and regularly interactive community of mutually inspiring colleagues.

Picnic at the Beach

On the second Sunday of our program, participants will join the staff for a picnic at New Brighton Beach near Santa Cruz. After a bus trip to the coast, the group will enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch at a beautiful picnic site overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoon, the group can spend time socializing at the beach, playing sports, taking walks, and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Closing Banquet

The summer program concludes with a semi-formal banquet dinner. Certificates of completion are presented to all participants.