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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply?
Applications must be submitted online by clicking here. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. You should submit your application as soon as possible, because qualified applicants will be admitted only until all 60 spaces are filled.

Where do I apply?

Application is available here.

Is there any financial assistance available?
We do not offer any scholarships or financial assistance to SIPP attendees.

Can I receive course credit for SIPP?
SIPP participants who wish to obtain official course credit for SIPP participation may be able to do so at their home institutions at no additional cost by enrolling in an independent reading course credit (either during the summer or during the school year) with a faculty advisor at that Institution who agrees to treat satisfactory SIPP participation as fulfilling the requirement for the independent reading.

If you make arrangements at your home institution to receive course credit, you must notify SIPP staff in writing prior to the beginning of the program. Your attendance and participation will be tracked, and you will be asked to write a paper at the end of SIPP in order to earn the course credit.

Do I have to stay on campus, or can I make my own living arrangements off campus?
Because a big part of the SIPP experience is the extensive informal interaction with fellow participants during the three weeks, we do require that all participants live on the Stanford campus. It makes the experience more fulfilling for everyone.

Can I check in to my dorm after 8 PM on the opening night of SIPP?
The Conference Front Desk will be open until 8 PM. After 8 PM, a telephone number will be posted on the door. Call that number, and a staff member will come to check you in.

Can I check in early?
If you need to arrive early, please notify us no later than one week before the start of the program. You will need to pay for the extra night(s) upon arrival.

Can I stay an extra day?
You may be able to extend your stay at Stanford by notifying SIPP staff ahead of time, but we cannot guarantee that you can stay in the same room in which you stayed during SIPP. You will have to pay for any extra night(s).

May I bring a guest with me for the entire 3-week period?
Because an essential part of SIPP is for participants to get to know each other to propagate lasting collaborations and friendships, a lot of quality time is spent socializing with other participants. We therefore discourage participants from bringing guests or planning to spend significant time away from SIPP activities.

May I bring my pet along?
Keeping pets of any kind (including fish, hamsters, etc.) in or about Stanford University residences is prohibited.

Will I have Internet access?
Nearly all of the Stanford buildings have wireless Internet access. A guest account will be created for each participant giving access to the Internet in the classroom and in other academic buildings on campus. SIPP participants will be provided with a user name and password upon arrival on campus. The guest account will not work in the living areas of the building where participants sleep. Internet access in those locations can be purchased through the Stanford's Residential Computing office for an additional fee. The Stanford libraries have a few public use computers that do not require a Stanford username or password. They can be used short-term for checking email, etc.

Will I have access to Stanford University Libraries?
The yellow conference ID card handed out at check-in gives access to campus libraries, but no borrowing privileges. Within the library, you will have access to books, periodicals, government documents, etc. You can also use the public computer terminals in the library for research. These computers do not require a Stanford login or ID. From the public terminals, you can access the Internet, Stanford library catalog, databases, and articles (e.g., LexisNexis, jstor, etc). If you would like to print from these computers, you can purchase a print card for $1 and then add money to the card for printing (10 cents/page).

Will I have the opportunity to exercise?
The Stanford Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation sells daily athletic facility passes to summer program participants for accessing gym facilities, a swimming pools, and tennis courts. The Campus Bike Shop, located on Tresidder's lower level, sells and rents bicycles on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For hikers and joggers, there are many trails on and around the Stanford University campus.

I am a vegetarian. Are my dietary needs going to be met?
Please inform us of any special dietary needs in your application, so we can plan our events accordingly. The dining hall, where the daily meals are served, will always offer vegetarian choices.

I would like to skip breakfast / lunch / dinner. Can I order a different meal plan?
Unfortunately, the only meal plan SIPP is offering provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No exceptions.

Can I get money back for meals that I did not eat at the dining hall?
Unfortunately, any unused meals are forfeited.

Am I required to attend the special events?
All SIPP participants are required to attend all two special events: the opening dinner and the closing dinner.

How is the weather during SIPP?
In August, the weather on the Stanford campus can start out a little foggy in the morning, then is warm and sunny during the day (shorts or pants and t-shirts are adequate) and cooler in the evenings (pants or longer skirts and long-sleeve shirts work well). It is often colder, especially in the evenings, in San Francisco and near the coast or mountains, meriting a sweater or jacket.

What should I pack?
A few suggestions: In addition to informal clothes for daytime on campus, bring a sweater or jacket, a swim suit, beach towel; comfortable shoes, semi-formal attire for final banquet, a travel alarm clock, sunscreen, and an ethernet cable (if you plan to order internet service in your dorm room). Optional items include: sunglasses, hat or cap, camera, and/or laptop.

How do I calculate my GPA?
If you are unsure of how to calculate your GPA when applying to SIPP, or do not receive one at your institution please email your transcript to: