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We are now accepting applications for SIPP 2013.

Applications must be submitted online by clicking here. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  You should submit your application as soon as possible, because qualified applicants will be admitted only until all 60 spaces are filled.

When you submit your application to attend SIPP, you will be required to make a firm commitment online to pay all SIPP fees if you are accepted.  Therefore, you should not submit an application until you are 100% certain that you can pay the required fees by the set deadlines and will attend SIPP if you are accepted.  Please do not submit an application thinking that you will explore whether you can pay the fees after you find out whether you have been accepted.  Submitting an application requires that you make the commitment to pay the fees if you are accepted.

When beginning to complete the online application, you must have the following information available:


You will be asked to upload a Word or text file containing the following information: