Welcome to Stanford Immigrant Rights Project!



The Stanford Immigrant Rights Project (SIRP) was founded by students who went to Arizona and San Diego on an Alternative Spring Break that focused on immigration issues in 2009. During the trip, students learned about the difficult journeys for immigrants crossing the border. From the experiences on the trip, the Stanford groups wanted to continue to raise awareness about immigrant rights on campus and in the Bay Area. Founded in Spring Quarter 2009, the Stanford Immigrant Rights project conducted two speaker series with Zoe Lofgren and Enrique Morones to speak about the DREAM Act and border crossings. The group has many exciting opportunities for the future including speaker series, movie series, community outreach at Day Worker Centers, and a Know Your Rights campaign at Stanford. 

Join us to continue awareness at our meetings! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us at immigrantrights-core@lists.stanford.edu


Winter Quarter 2012 
Meeting time/location: Old Union Room 121
If you can't find us, please call (858) 652-1964