Mykel Kochenderfer
Decision making under uncertainty
Ekhlas Sonu
Postdoctoral Scholar
Multiagent sequential decision making (Toyota)
Zach Sunberg
Ph.D. Candidate
Driver safety systems (Toyota)
Louis Dressel
Ph.D. Candidate
GPS jammer hunter using drones (NSF)
Tim Wheeler
Ph.D. Candidate
Autonomous driving (Bosch)
Rachael Tompa
Ph.D. Candidate
Dynamic air traffic rerouting during commercial space launches (FAA)
Jeremy Morton
Ph.D. Candidate
Recurrent neural networks for driving models (Ford/NSF)
Kyle Julian
Ph.D. Candidate
Aircraft collision avoidance (FAA/NASA/Intel)
Maxime Bouton
Ph.D. Candidate
Monte Carlo tree search and driving (Honda)
Jayesh Gupta
Graduate Student
Policy gradient methods (Army)
Blake Wulfe
Graduate Student
Deep learning for risk models (Allstate)
Alex Kuefler
Graduate Student
Deep driving models (Ford)
Ritchie Lee
Ph.D. Candidate (CMU)
Adaptive stress testing (NASA)
Edward Balaban
Ph.D. Candidate
Vehicle health prognostics (NASA)
Andrea Zanette
Graduate Student
Bayesian level set estimation
Apoorva Sharma
Graduate Student
Deep learning for air traffic rerouting (FAA)
Boqi Li
Graduate Student
Deep learning for automated driving (SAIC)
Chelsea Sidrane
Graduate Student
Disaster response optimization
Hamza El-Saawy
Graduate Student
Probabilistic models and inference
John Mern
Graduate Student
Hierarchical reinforcement learning (Army)
Kunal Menda
Graduate Student
Event-driven reinforcement learning (NASA)
Kyle Brown
Graduate Student
Automated racing (NSF)
Mark Koren
Graduate Student
Adaptive stress testing of automated vehicles
Masha Itkina
Graduate Student
Probabilistic perception models for automated driving (Ford)
Patrick Slade
Graduate Student
Bayesian reinforcement learning (NSF/Toyota)
Pol Rosello
Graduate Student
Multi-object tracking (SAIC)
Xiaobai Ma
Graduate Student
Automated driving simulation and control (SAIC)
Andreas Reschka
Graduate Student (TU Braunschweig)
Automated driving
Paul Wagner
Graduate Student (TU Darmstadt)
Automotive safety validation