Joining SJIL

Membership in the Stanford Journal of International Law

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Belonging to a journal is one of the most rewarding and educational experiences a student may have during their time in law school.

The Stanford Journal of International Law, one of the many journals open to first-years at Stanford, offers an unparalleled journal experience. SJIL offers students comprehensive U.S. and international research and citation training, exposure to cutting-edge legal scholarship, opportunities to publish student work,
career advice regarding international opportunities, and, above all, a fun group of people devoted to publishing scholarship of the highest quality and of the greatest interest to academics and practitioners in the field.

SJIL membership is open to the entire student body of Stanford Law School and requires no prior journal knowledge or experience. Please contact one of the Editors-in-Chief if you are interested in joining us!

The Experience

Beginning member editors will be placed on article editing teams led by a supervising Lead Article Editor. Member editors are responsible for reviewing and editing the substance of an article, pulling sources cited within the article, cite-checking and verifying citations, and finally ensuring that citations meet the applicable Bluebook standards. Through every step of the process, members are supervised by senior staff and receive constant feedback and training.

Each year, before first-years begin their job hunts, the senior staff of SJIL offer a career night to offer insight and advice on how best to find summer employment with international organizations in the public and private sector.

Lastly, lest one think being on a journal is all work and no play, SJIL offers a variety of fun activities over the course of the year so that students can get to know each other outside of editing and take a break from the academic life of Stanford Law School.