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Global Conflict
Spring 2001

globe icon Editor's Foreword
By Justine Fisher
globe icon Fundamentally Flawed
The Need to Realign Bosnia's Power Structure
By Grace M. Kang
globe icon The Palestinian Intifada as a Bargaining Signal
By TQ Shang
globe icon Into the Breach
An Analysis of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone
By Mirna Galic
globe icon NATO and the Future of Collective Security
An Interview with General Wesley K. Clark
By Staff
globe icon The Fate of Kashmir
International Law or Lawlessness?
By Vikas Kapur and Vipin Narang
globe icon Transitions in South Africa
An Interview with F.W. de Klerk
By Staff
globe icon Reformer or Pragmatist?
A Response to the SJIR Interview with F.W. de Klerk
By Ebrahim Moosa
globe icon U.S. Policies that Destabilize the World
By William Ratliff
globe icon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jargon
The Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership
By Robert Person