Support Stanford workers in their fight for a living wage!

Statement from the Stanford Living Wage Campaign:
A living wage is the minimum hourly wage required to support a person’s basic needs in a given region, such as Santa Clara County. Stanford says that it has a living wage policy, but the current policy has several major flaws:

1. The policy covers only a few hundred of the thousands of service workers at this university. That means that many Stanford employees cannot afford basic necessities such as food, childcare, transportation, and housing. The current policy excludes all workers who join a union or who are employed by on-campus businesses such as the Coho or the Stanford Bookstore, as well as many others.

2. Stanford has refused to document how it determines its living wage, so it is unclear if it is actually sufficient to allow workers to live decently.

3. The current policy has not been consistently enforced. There have been many cases of workers who were supposed to be covered actually receiving less than the living wage, and the contractors who committed these violations have not had to face any penalties.

We therefore call on Stanford to reform its living wage policy.

We believe Stanford University should have a real living wage policy. We call on President Hennessy to remove the current policy's restrictions on eligibility, to create a mechanism to enforce the policy, and to do this in a transparent and democratic manner with binding input from Stanford students, workers, and faculty.

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Steven MagnessEmployee
Laura GroenendaalStudent
Victoria Virasinghstudent
CM ThorntonVisiting Scholar
Mericcan UstaPhD
DeeAnn Vasquez-MedranoSLAC
Joshua MeiselSophomore
Aisha Ghani PhD Student - Anthropology
Luke WigrenCSRE
Katie FrankAlumna, '09
Loren CraryLaw School
Scott Chia ThaoUndergraduate
Alessandra Mossstudent
Rev. Geoff BrowningCampus Minister
Vicki SunUndergraduate
Donna HunterProgram in Writing and Rhetoric
Edwin FloresUndergrad Student
Emily BooksteinStudent
Michelle HuaCommunity Member
Helen Phancommunity member
Chris LeeCommunity Member
John NguyenCommunity Member
Jessica SalinasStudent, Department of Communication
Annika Alexander-OzinskasBS/MS Earth Systems 2012
Samantha LeeJunior Undergraduate
Alice Blayneystudent
Ivana Contrerasalumna
Therese Costellostudent
Caitlin MaloneyStudent
Charlie JohnsonUndergraduate
Adriana Escobarstudent
Kris SankaranUndergraduate
Rob JohnsonUndergraduate
Ulysses RosasUndergraduate
Mayra VegaStudent
Rayden LlanoStudent
Lauren Swartzstudent
Annie LogginsStudent
Erika HarrellUndergraduate
Hannah Richundergrad
Ayana WilsonStudent
Jessica McNallystudent
Caroline Hodgeundeclared undergrad
Alexander LuisiStudent
Mike DvorakCEE grad student
Ariel Marcyundergrad
Nailah Spruillstudent
Erin ParkerStudent
Robert RomeUndergraduate Alumnus
Charmaine Tangonan
Dave MitchellAlumni '09
Kingston TamUndergraduate
Yi LuStudent
Luke TaylorCSRE
Katrin Larsenstudent
Kristen BartaGraduate student
Lizeth ChiprezGraduate student
Rebecca GreenePh.D. candidate
Janessa NickellStudent
Anand VenkatkrishnanStudent
Jeanette OrtaM.E.Ch.A.
Richard Esquivelmentor
Emily AbrashGraduate Student
Jaclyn LeUndergraduate
Casandra EspinozaUndergraduate
Najja Kossallyundergraduate
Adia Gooden Alumna
Alexander DaoStudent
Michael CruzUndergraduate Senator
Sara Silbersteinundergraduate
Daniel VirtheimUndergraduate
Haiy LeStudent
Joshua R FouseUndergraduate, Religious Studies
Amasia Zargarianstudent
Theresa ZhenAlumnus
Kathryne M. YoungLaw and Sociology
Kevin HoUndergraduate
Tek Listudent
Mililani Kaleionaona Trask-BattiUndergraduate
Kimberly Vustudent
Justin LamUndergraduate
Vajreshwari JernbergGraduate Student
Christina NguyenUndergraduate
Jeannette Westwoodundergrad
Rebecca OlvedaStudent
Ariela Marcus-SellsStudent
Peiley LauUndergraduate Student
Aisha Ansanostudent
Meagan Moroneystudent
Samuel JulianStudent
Alexander DuncanGraduate Student
Christie BrydonStudent
Regina Getz-Kikuchiundergrad
Matthew Seriff-Cullickalumni
Cindy AUUndergrad
Teresa NguyenStudent
Colin MillerAlumni
Eric ShihAlumnus
Hai Binh NguyenAlum
Long Le-KhacGraduate Student
Lean-Miguel San PedroUndergraduate
Anand Habibstudent
Erica NevilleUndergraduate
Chinh TranStudent
Kathleen CollAnthropology
Takeo RiveraAlumnus; YWCA Rape Crisis
William Lewisalumnus
Nguyen PhamUndergraduate Student
Alexander WattsStudent
Camil DiazUndergraduate
Amir BadatStudent
Casey GreeneCommunity Member
Lisa QuanStudent
Diana HuynhStudent
Khanh LeStudent
Sabrina PolUndergraduate
Hien Khanh Huynhstudent
Aliza GazekStudent
Henry TsaiStudent
Karmia Chan CaoStudent
claire torchianastudent
Evie PlessUndergraduate student
Estelle Lukstudent
Kelly Nguyenstudent
Carlo PascoStudent
Savannah HaynesUndergraduate
Jennifer KuoCommunity member
Wesley WalkerStudent
Zhi Kin LokeUndergrad
Molly FieldStudent
Dieter RutzenUndergraduate
David NellomsUndergaduate Student
Karen Acevedostudent
Pak Hin LeeStudent
sabrina BedfordUndergraduate
Chrysanthe Tanundergraduate
Monica YunUndergraduate
Elise ParadisGraduate Student
Michael Tubbsstudetnt
Chris HuskeyUndergraduate Student
Jacob DohertyAnthropology
Adelaide Onealundergraduate
Juany TorresASSU 12th Undergraduate Senate; Senator
Sarah BoissereeUndergraduate
Noemi AlarconUndergraduate
Annie KramerUndergraduate
Alyssa-Francene TamayoStudent
Derek DeRocheUndergrad
Claudia LiuzzaStudent
Aparna AnanthasubramaniamUndergraduate
Jonathan PotterStudent
Hannah Kopp-YatesUndergrad
Christine Paula de los Angeles undergrad
Raine HooverStanford Student
Rahul SastryStudent
Rachael MonossonStudent
Brittany Millerstudent
Gabriela RiosUndergrad student
Vickie LiUndergrad
Neekaan OshidaryUndergraduate
Victoria WilsonUCI Graduate Student
Ashwin MudaliarGraduate Student
Janet Genserstudent
ben shieldsstudent
Thomas HendeeStudent
Savannah GonzalesStudent
Eric SappGraduate student
Felix MbugaStudent
Nicholas BorgStudent
Nadina Andersonstudent
Michael DworskyGraduate Student
Rachel FenichelStudent
Amy DaoUndergraduate student
Susannah Polandstudent
Lisa LlanosAlumna
Maria BalferDepartment of Anthropology
Gwendolyn BurkeUndergraduate Student
Avery HalfonStudent
Jeffrey SweetUndergrad
Daniel AndersonUndergraduate
Annalise Blumstudent
Ebony SmallmanStudent
nuran alteirother
Richard SajorUndergraduate
Catherine Vucommunity member
Annie ShieldsUndergraduate
Kimberly ConnerUndergraduate Student
Lauren Janasstudent
Mona KimAlumni, Current Employee
Kristina Peraltagraduate student
Sam Berrin ShonkoffHillel at Stanford staff
Julia NguyenUndergraduate
ben cohnundergrad
Jonathan ChenStudent
Jessica Leestudent
Ze Lin XiaoStudent
Zev Karlin-NeumannUndergraduate
Liv Muir WalterGraduate Student
Calvin TuongUndergraduate
Damilola SoboYes
David Ayrton Lopezundergraduate
Rachel RosenbergUndergraduate Student
Aubrey ShaperoUndergrad
Cesar Armando TorresUndegraduate
Elizabeth SandersUndergraduate
Rebecca TisdaleStaff/alumna
Zachary WettsteinStudent
John HawkinsUndergrad
Katie Furuyamacommunity member
Jennifer SimonsStudent
Isaac OlmedoUndergrad
Julio MojicaUndergrad
Ben BrittainStudent
Emin TopalovicUndergraduate
kris beckerstaff
Anaya GondaUndergraduate
Akil SrinivasanGraduate Student
Nicolas HernandezUndergraduate
Emma PiersonStudent
Xochitl Wattsstudent
George StevensStudent
Joe Gettingerstudent
Nayeli GallardoUndergraduate
Benamy YasharUndergraduate
John EngelbertCurrent Student
Isabel GreenfieldUndergraduate
Jeremy KlepnerStudent
Lizz FayStudent
Alysha SayallStudent
Fatima WagdyUndergraduate
David WoodStudent
Sita NojopranotoStudent
Briana SwetteSchool of Earth Sciences
Elise Guinee Cooperstudent
Brennan SaetaStudent
Elisheva AshUndergraduate
Diana SolorioUndergraduate Student
Sasha NovisUndergrad
Benjamin SupatCurrent Student
Paige KummGraduate Student
Leah ThomasStudent
Jennifer KuangUndergraduate
Thuy-Van (Tina) DuongUndergraduate Student
Alexis LeeStudent
Holly Fetterstudent
Jiahui LinUndergraduate
Rachael BalbaronaCommunity Member/other affiliation
Zsuzsa Gilleparent of student
Naomi ShachterUndergraduate
Pat Brunyundergraduate
Laura MalkiewichStudent
Sara BlochGraduate Student
Emily Childsstudent
Kassahun BetreGraduate Student
Roy Perkinsstudent
Cole PittmanUndergraduate
Erik BrockbankUndergraduate
Diana Gonzalezstudent
Omosola OdetundeUndergraduate
Marilyn CorneliusE-IPER
Christine KimStudent
LaToya Baldwin ClarkGraduate Student
Caitlin Brownstudent
Kristin Schmitzstudent
Tamar kricheli Katzgraduate student
Yii Wen Chuahstudent
Emily Cohodescurrent student
Molly Oshunundergrad
Rachel KelleyUndergraduate
Carly Janigastudent
Nick HartfieldStaff
Isaac GhansahUndergraduate
Muhammad ShumailStudent
Arianna WassmannStudent
Victor LuongUndergraduate
Yuliya MykhaylovskaStudent
Omar MedinaUndergraduate
Michael ZeligsUndergraduate Student
Rachel LindenbergGraduate student, Sociology and Public Policy
Matthew McDevittUndergraduate Student
Elliot Stollerundergrad
Bing Mei WangUndergraduate
Stephanie Stahlbergstudent
Amanda GelenderStudent
Roxanne Parkerstudent
Mari AmendStudent
Gladys DelgadilloUndergraduate
Mary Glen FredrickStudent
Jonathan PotoUndergraduate
Kotaro IshiguroUndergrad
Andrea KudukStaff
Charles SymsStudent
Jennifer LeeStudent
Polly BatesUndergraduate Student
Annemarie Golzstudent
Linda LeeClass of 2007
Jennifer (Jenna) QueenanUndergraduate
Ben JensenStudent
Geoff BrowningCampus Minister
Eric LichtingerStudent
Andrea Chavez Student
Kimberly GibsonUndergraduate
Christina FengUndergraduate
Laura C.staff
Nikil SavalGraduate Student
Anaya Hallstudent
Monica MooreStaff Member/Alum
Liz MeltonCurrent Student
Samantha Astudillostudent
Jenny RempelStudent
Rachel CristyUndergraduate
Jonathan HaleUndergraduate
Alexandra SalgadoUndergraduate
Max Strassfeldgrad student
Danny ColliganGraduate Student
Heidi ChenUndergraduate
Christian OllanoStudent
Stacy VillalobosUndergraduate
Kate SkolnickAlumna
Robert De SantiagoStudent
Sam KingStudent
C. Lilian ThaoxaochayStudent
Alok Vaid-MenonStudent
Stephanie OtaniUndergraduate
Scott FrankStudent
Aparna SurendraUndergraduate
Roxana GharegozlouUndergraduate
kamil saeidstudent
Fadl SaadiStudent
Diane WongStudent
Sarah GepigonUndergraduate
Emily Dansereaustudent
Pamela MartinezStudent
Anna SchuesslerUndergraduate
Mansoor FassihiStudent
Magdalena KaluzaUndergraduate
Ksenia Galouchkostudent
Andre de deckerStudent
chelsey Russellstudent
Benipcia CarreraStudent
Long NguyenUndergraduate
Jessica JonesStudent
Justine KaoStudent
Daniel MathewsPhD Mathematics 2009
Stacie Chanstudent
Yijiang QianStudent
Donna Wallachattend events at Stanford
Mai El-SadanyStudent
Xandra ClarkUndergraduate Student
Adam KleinUndergraduate
kim truongstudent
Christian NgoStudent
Krystle VillamayorUndergraduate
Michelle Berrystudent
Max Sosna-Spearundergraduate/graduate
Kenzie SealStudent
Oz HasbunUndergraduate
Mitul BhatUndergraduate
Claudia LopezUndergraduate
Robin Peraniundergraduate
Bianca ArguezaUndergraduate
Brindha BavanStudent
Melissa LuuUndergraduate
Nicole GaetjensUndergraduate
Ben CortesTree
Disney WilliamsStudent
DIego RodriguezStudent
Christopher BrunsonUndergrad
Emma SedivyUndergraduate
Kevan ChristensenUndergraduate
Alejandro VirruetaUndergrad
Maya GhosnStudent (Undergraduate)
Suejung Shinstudent
Jason BinnStudent
Trac DangUndergraduate, Department of History
Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapastudent
Genevieve GamboaUndergraduate
Rowza RummaBS candidate
Sandra RodriguezStudent
Yang Loralumnus
Lea Gee-TongUndergraduate
Aracely MondragonStudent
Katie NobleUndergraduate
Matthew RiosUndergraduate
Daniel KhalessiStudent
Elaine PattenStudent
Robin ChinStudent
Vaeme AFOKPAstudent
April GregoryUndergraduate
Gilberto JiménezUndergraduate
Tristan IvoryGraduate and Alumnus
Vinh BuiStudent
Dominique Salazarstudent
Joyce Dela PenaStudent
Scott ParksUndergraduate
Gea Kangstudent
Margaret Zhoustudent
Viviana ArciaCurrent Student
Jason CarterStudent
angela schillerGraduate
Jeffrey GarciaSchool of Engineering
Jill YuzurihaUndergraduate Senior
Adrian BonifacioStudent
Eric Garretundergraduate
Kelsey DangUndergraduate
Katie LiAlumna
Chris PaijiUndergraduate
Sarah GuerreroStudent
Andrew PipathsoukStanford Student, AASA Chair
Emily Angulostudent
Devan BurkeStudent
Edgar ChavezAlum/Staff
Karissa Cookstudent
Diego ArguetaUndergraduate
Becky DruUndergraduate
Monica AlcazarUndergraduate
Brittany JohnsonStudent
Jeremias DavidUndergraduate
Teresa Ortegaundergraduate
Natalie Stumpfundergraduate
Elizabeth de Rham Grad Student
Zephra DoerrUndergraduate
Michael ToGraduate Student
Lilly OhStudent
Elizabeth V TrujilloAlum
Casey TaylorAlumna
Nabila AbdallahUndergraduate
Michael VangStudent
Patricia Benitezundergraduate
Katherine Cromackundergraduate student
Shara EsbenshadeStudent
Joshua CoronadoStudent
Kelli DaviesGraduate Student
Jeremy CookUndergraduate
Vang XiongStudent
Jamie QuerubinStudent
Mai NguyenUndergraduate
Chia XiongUndergraduate
Christina Lioustudent
Allyza MarquezUndergraduate
Vince MouaStudent
Maiyer VangUndergrad
Cynthia Liaoc/o 2009 alumna
Zaid AdhamiUndergrad-Coterm
Michael TayagPASU, SAAAC, SIRP
Alexandra KellyDepartment of Anthropology
Donna Puyotstudent
Erin Pettigrewstudent
Logan AndrewsGraduate Student
Kate CowcherGraduate student
Karem SaidAnthropology Department
Nicolas AllenGraduate Student
Anthony AlvaradoUndergraduate
Richard SimpsonMTL
Andrew Oliver PlanStudent
tomas matzaMTL
Monica ClimacoUndergraduate Student
Nicole PepperlClass of 2009
Julian JaravataUndergraduate
Katherine NeubauerUndergraduate
Mark GardinerGraduate student
Shanna GongCommunity Member
Aimee UwilingiyimanaUndergrad
Ada OcampoStudent
Damien DroneyGraduate Student
Adam HudsonUndergraduate Student
Lindsay OwensGraduate Student
Adam Katxhi MouaStudent
Adam MorrisGraduate student
Anna WestGraduate Student
Gabriel RamosPASU
Brian JohnsrudGraduate Student
Daniel ShihStudent
Cheri DSenior
Robert BucayuUndergraduate Freshman
Ronmel NavasGraduate Student
Rafael VasquezUndergraduate
Gabriel GuimteUndergraduate Student
Cotis MitchellUndergraduate
Clarissa San Andres Gutierrezundergraduate
Lorra de la PazUndergraduate
Oscar EscobedoStudent
Natalie UyStudent/PASU
Bryant CabreraStudent
Andrew GinesUndergraduate
Kuusela HiloClass of 2003/Pilipino American Student Union
David JohnsonStudent
Deborah RogersGraduate Student
Vivian NgoUndergraduate
Ju Yon Kimgraduate student
charles amayastudent
Melissa AdaUndergraduate
Andrea Systudent
Alexandra Goldmanalum
Daniel MurrayGraduate Student/Instructor
Caitin O'Briengraduate student
Daniel WeissmanGraduate student
Huy PhanUndergraduate
Van Anh TranUndergraduate
Victoria YeeUndergraduate
Aurora Victoria Herrera DavidUndergraduate

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