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November 1998: SLAC founded at student labor conference organized by SEAS and MEChA.

Spring 1999: SLAC helps organize a march that shuts down Campus Drive as part of the Justice for Janitors campaign to support ABM Janitors.

Spring 2000: SLAC conducts a survey of over 200 Stanford service workers.

Fall 2001: SLAC established Habla la Noche, a student run ESL tutoring program for ABM janitors.

Fall 2001: Six students are arrested in a sit-in at the Stanford Hospital to stop the subcontracting of janitorial jobs.

Spring 2002: SLAC organizes a 4-day "sleep-out" in the Main Quad to support fair wages for café workers at Tressider.

Fall 2002: SLAC supports Stanford Hospital workers as they go on strike to win a fair contract.

Spring 2003: SLAC supports ABM janitors as they fight for health care benefits in their new contract.

Spring 2003: SLAC and the Coalition for Labor Justice (a coalition of student groups) organizes a week long hunger strike which ends when Stanford agrees establish a Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) to examine labor practices at Stanford and to hire a worker who had been fired for speaking up for her rights at work.

Fall 2003: SLAC supports workers at the Stanford power plant as they fight for a fair contract.

Spring 2004: SLAC helps to establish the Student And Labor Alliance (SALA) which brings unionized and non-unionized workers together from different parts of campus.

Summer 2004: SLAC celebrates the release of a set of recommendations from the PAC, while still noting the recommendations' limited scope.

Fall 2004: SLAC and SEIU Local 715 speak out on behalf of Subway Workers, who were disciplined and threatened for wearing union buttons, a federally protected union activity.

Winter 2005: SLAC supports service workers striking for a fair contract, organizing a boycott of Stanford dining halls.

Spring 2007: After years of delay, the university administration refuses to follow the recommendations of its own PAC. In response, students, workers, and alumni fast for 9 days, stopping when the university agrees to expand its living wage policy.

Spring 2008: SLAC organizes student support for janitors striking for a fair contract.

Spring 2009: SLAC helps workers end abusive practices at Bon Appétit Cafe at the Graduate School of Business.

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