Stanford Law School Mock Trial

Trial Advocacy Training

One of SLSMT's cardinal goals is training the next generation of outstanding advocates. By offering a variety of training opportunities to law students, we hope to help them become better public speakers and better attorneys. At the same time, we endeavor to make our training programs fun and enjoyable.

This year, we are excited to introduce a new, two-tiered training program that offers intense and focused trial advocacy training to new and returning program members, as well as a less demanding, but no less helpful slate of events for other members of the SLS community.


We will be hosting tryouts for new and returning members on Thursday, September 12; Friday, September 13, and Saturday, September 14. Unlike in years past, tryouts will only cement one's place in the program, not one's place on a particular team. All prospective members must participate in the tryout process, which involves delivering a 1-3 minute opening statement and 3-5 minute cross examination to the executive board. Our hope is to announce program membership within 1-2 days of the last day of tryouts.

Trial Advocacy Workshops

Throughout the fall semester, we will be offering a series of presentations that will be mandatory for all program members and, of course, optional for all other members of the SLS community. The presentations will feature audiovisual presentations designed to improve advocacy skills, from general advice on how to frame a case, to specific tips designed to improve closing arguments.

Training Teams

All program members will be assigned to one of six "training teams." Each training team will be led by one to two experienced members, who will guide the entire team through the process of preparing a case. All training teams will use the same case, and each member will be responsible for a speech, direct examination, cross examination, and witness portrayal. At the end of the "training season," each training team will have two scrimmages (one on each side of the case) against other training teams. Performance in the scrimmages will be one of many factors used in determining final team placement.

Spring Competitions

We are proud to announce that each of our seven final teams will be competing at a tournament during the spring semester. Two teams will be selected to participate in the TYLA Regional Competition. Two other teams will participate in the AAJ Regional Competition. Two teams will participate in the Stanford Invitational. Our final team will either compete in the McGeorge Ethics Trial Competition or in the Stanford Invitational.

SLS Mock Trial Scrimmage
Rae Woods and Dave Nelmark at counsel table during a dress rehearsal scrimmage


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